Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chaotic bits and pieces of July and starting of new blogs

Okay July wasn't exactly one of the best months. Actually to say, June and July weren't exactly good months for us at all. First some idiot knocked into the back of my car in mid June and then I had to wait 5 weeks for the parts to arrive from Japan and another 2 weeks before I could send my car in. And now it's finally at the workshop for repairs.

The other major thing was that darling broke his leg while we were having a hit at tennis. We were just having our usual social hit on Tuesdays at Glen Huntly. He was moving to return a shot and the next thing I know, he suddenly just fell down on the court crying out in pain. He felt his ankle dislocate and clipped back, little did we know that he had broken his fibula as well.

Apart from that, life still goes on and there are little things here and there to smile and be happy about. Afterall, life is too short to be sad and full of worries. :D
Say hi to Baby Leo, my colleague Amber's baby boy who's 3 months old now. He's so tiny and you can just bundle him around your arms. She brought him in one day to visit us and he was just snoozing away. I bought him a little storybook teething toy.
Darling Jasper having a fun and happy day at Brighton Beach. It's an off-leash area for dogs that actually leads off to the sea. It was really cold and breezy that day but he couldn't care less and was just enjoying himself running and poking around.
Little furry white monster caught snoozing in the wardrobe again! He just likes to sleep in the wardrobe where my pyjamas and towels are in my Pooh Bear luggage bag. Maybe because it is comfy and soft. Haha...
Darling at Monash Hospital Clayton. We waited about 4 hours that night when he broke his leg just to see the doctor and get his leg plastered up! And also to be disappointingly told that the break was quite major and he had to have an operation and couldn't go home for the night.
Went to watch Mary Poppins Musical with Dan bro and his church friends on 23 July. We had bought the tickets a couple of months ago. This is the outside of Her Majesty's theatre, we were walking there after dinner just up the street.
The view from our seats. We were seated in the upper dress circles and the view was not too bad though we weren't really near the stage. The musical was just fantastical and awesome and I would definitely watch it again if given the chance! :)
And as usual, I couldn't miss getting souvenirs and the program book from the musical. Lucky I could fit a Size 14 Girls "Practically Perfect" Tee in pink - my favourite colour! And the lapel pin is now hanging from my tennis bag! :)
Darling again here at Dandenong Hospital last week. This was the night just after his operation to put screws and metal plates in. It really hurts to see him like that and I really pray for him to recover soon so we can go out and do things together again.

Till then, mum's coming over and arriving this weekend! Can't wait to see her again and to do stuff together! Wedding plans have halted for the moment since Tubby broke his leg. But I am in the midst of creating a wedding blog to capture all our wedding preps and also Dan bro and I are setting up a toy blog where we will be selling toys. Hope to get them out there soon!


Anonymous said...

I will be up and running before u know it

Juz MeL said...

Yeah well you better then! Stop feeling all grumpy! :p

Audrey said...

Yes Mel, i agree.. these 2 months. my friend's car also got hit out of no where while we were stopping for the traffic light. sigh...
and hope Yong get well soon!!

Juz MeL said...

Hey Audrey! Yeah what a bad month ya in June and July! Let's hope all the bad luck has gone away and thanks I'll pass your msg on to Yong. :)