Monday, June 28, 2010

RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2010 and a Night of Fun and Games

This year we finally managed to attend the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Million Paws Walk held at Albert Park. It was a day of fun, competitions and walking to raise funds for the RSPCA to aid in their care of homeless animals. Every year, thousands of animals especially dogs are abandon by their owners and the shelter takes them in and cares for them until someone adopts them.
The walk started at 10am where everyone will walk around the whole of Albert Lake. We kinda arived a bit late and the walk had already started! Check out all the people with their pooches!
"Cup Cake Day" Booth. A day where people baked cup cakes to sell in the city to raise funds for the RSPCA. You can register yourself or your group there at the booth and I bet there were yummy free cupcakes there too!
Four really fluffy, big and adorable Samoyed dogs and their owners who probably share the same love for that breed stopped to have a chat about their fluffy cuties...
And of course there must be the RSPCA Shop selling merchandize like T-Shirts, Tops, Jumpers, Bags, Caps, Stationary and a whole load of stuff for your furry friends too.
$25 gets you a hydro bath - in which the funds also go in the contribution of raising funds for the RSPCA. We had to give Jasper a bath, he was so filty after walking around in the wet morning! You can see he wasn't a happy camper!
Back home at night, he was certainly sleepy and tired after a long and enjoyable day for him. :P

Recently I managed to find a long lost high school friend via facebook and realised that she is living and working in Melbourne! After 11 long years, we finally met up a few weeks ago with King Yen another high school mate. And of course we stayed in touch after that and this was another of our outings where we introduced her to Kal (who's Mr. Bachelor now). ;)

Dinner at the Fish Seafood Grill Restaurant in Docklands. We shared a mix seafood platter which consists of crabs, scallops, prawns, crayfish, oysters and fish! Yummer-licious!
The boys: Dan, Kal and Tubby - not knowing where to start with the huge Seafood platter!
And of course like every group outings, a group shot is a must! Ammie was Daniel's date for the night! haha!
Then after dinner we head on to the Cube Boardgames Cafe on Lygon Street. We started with a good old game of Uno Jenga!!!
Diana was terrified that the tower was so gonna topple on her and after every move, she crept away from the table! :p
And I must say after quite a few rounds, we did pretty well in piling the blocks until Daniel decided to topple it!!!
Next we went on to a game called "Who's that?", recommended by Kal's friend who's one of the owners of the shop. Basically you had to choose 5 characteristics of the person and guess from A to E which is their top priority to the least.

Ammie got full marks score for tubby while I only got 2, can you believe it? LOL. And that ended a night of fun and games which brought us back to childhood. Defnitely fun and should be done again! :)


Kal said...

Great day out. Thanks for arranging Mel :).

Juz MeL said...

No probs! And you know you want more of these outings! hahaha...