Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas 2010 and New Year 2011 Celebrations

Firstly Happy New Year 2011 everyone! This year was another Christmas spent overseas away from family and home. But we're blessed to have friends and other family members here to celebrate with us. We held a Christmas Eve Party at our place on Fri 24th Dec.

Tubbs was initially pretty controlling of the number of people I was to invite for the party as our little hut was really small. But being the softie self (and hypocrite in the end!), he himself invited another few friends over as he just felt bad, plus it was the festive season.
Christmas Tree and Decos inside
The Chef cutting the leg of ham
Time for some Wii action after dinner
Then dessert was chocolate fondue
Xmas tree chock full of pressies!
Time for the naughty/funny gift exchange
Han and his Licquorice whip!
Aims with her sexy undies purse

Group pic! From L-R Top: Weichao, Troy, Ellen, Khim, Han (almost hidden), Jason, Michelle, Tubbs. L-R Bottom: Audrey, Ann, me and Ammie. Also present were James, Andy, Wai and his two siblings. At that point of time when everyone was present, can you imagine how squishy the house would have been! OMG.

In any case, we all still had fun! Two rounds of Xmas gift exchange, rounds of Wii and some pretty mess to clean up afterwards, but it was all good. Michelle, Audrey, Aims and I also went for midnight mass because we anticipated not being able to get up early the next day! haha!

On Christmas day, we were invited by dear Diana to a BBQ with the usual Karaoke gang. I've gotten to know them from D's birthday last year and they are a funny and fun bunch! The BBQ was at Albert Park and boy was it a pretty chilly Christmas day!
Diggin in to yummy prawns and chicken wings
Girlies pic: Linghui, me, Aims and D
The pple in charge of the cooking. hehe! While the rest of us just ate only
Ok crazy Christine came up with this funny Marilyn Monroe pose
Beer ad. - another idea from Christine.
With D and her Xmas pressie for me! :)

So it seemed like that was a good day for BBQs! Later that night, we were invited to my uncle and aunty's place for a BBQ dinner. He had a few other family friends over as well. And boy did our stomachs take the full blow from that day and the night before - with all the food!
Uncle and his only "ang-moh" friend(whom they boldly called him guai-loi and he's fine with it) doing the cooking
The hungry guests enjoying the food at the outdoor area. There was drinking but not for some under-age ones around!
The "gamblers" upstairs playing Texas Poker
The "Kiddies" and I downstairs playing Wii
Cutie Jasper posing at the Xmas Tree
Coussy Kayla and I at the chrismas tree

For the new years celebration, Michelle and Jason invited us to their house for another BBQ plus fun and games for the night! It was a really great and enjoyable festive season throughout! It's friends and extended family members that help ease the sadness of being away from your family during the holiday period. But I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world to spend Xmas with my parents, brother and sis-in-law again next year. :D