Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Picnic and movie night @ Moonlight Cinema - Royal Botanic Gardens.

It was thanks to Joan, one of our tennis mates that we even heard of the Moonlight Cinema at the Royal Botanic Gardens. She had organised for us to watch Toy Story 3 last friday. It was a movie night cum pre christmas kris kringle.

There was a "Gold Grass" area where bean bags are provided and there was free flow of snacks and drinks. For us, we had to bring along picnic mats and rented bean bags or blankets if needed. We did the gift exchanges before the movie while we were having dinner.
People chowing down KFC chicken - our dinner.
Check out the amount of junk food we had.
As it got nearer to show time, the inflatable screen by the lake was set up and advertisements were playing as usual before the movie.

Here's a shot of the beautiful evening sky at the back, halfway through the movie.

We weren't supposed to tell who we got for the kris kringle. But I think from the laughter and looks when we each got our presents, we could probably guess who it was. We all couldn't stop laughing when Andy opened his present - which was ceramic/glass egg plants!

Absolutely loved the movie we watched: Toy Story 3 - so much that I really want to get the blu-ray versions of all the movies from 1 to 3. I've also pretty much completed the Toy Story LEGO sets, some of which are on display at home! Just need more room for the rest arggh!

And though the forecast was cloudy and rain, we were lucky that the weather held up for the duration of the movie and droplets only started falling when we were leaving. But it was pretty cold for a summer night when the wind blew and so a thick blanket is definitely recommended for next time!