Friday, July 29, 2011

Farewell Granddad

I got a text from Dad in the morning at work on 19th July saying that my Paternal Grandfather had passed away last night. It wasn't that unexpected since I know that he had already been hospitalised a few days ago. But you know that feeling of denial and how you just get caught in a time frame?

I wasn't close to him since young as I brought my mostly by my Maternal Grandparents. But then again, he is still my grandpa and was the only living grand parents at that time whom I thought was able to attend my wedding dinner in Jan 7 next year.

But I guess it's good that he has stopped suffering and has gone to the other world to join my grandma. Dad's parents were staunch Taoist and so they didn't believe in Jesus/God. Though I still believe of course, everyone went to heaven because God loves us all. Here's a lighted candle - RIP dear grandpa.