Thursday, February 24, 2005

bAcK in GiPpsLaNd, SeM1-oRieNtAtiOn, aLviN'S bDaY & mOrE tHoUghtS...

Back in Gippy already and as usual Internet access is down again on the residences. Well, finally found some time to come to the com labs to check on emails and stuff. Reached back Gippy on Sunday night bout 11.30pm and met a hew housemate which they nicknamed Chicky. Longy, Len, Timmy and I are helping out MI with the orientation and helping the new students out like new enrolment, M-power games and bringing them to their banking and showing them around. Got 2 more housemates from TMC S'pore taking Bac. of Arts and they're pretty sweet and nice people who's gonna get "contaminated" by Longy and Timmy soon.. ;p

Well, hate to say it again, 'Tigger you're right". I guess no matter how you try to keep your blog addy from people, somehow still lotsa others manage to get it. Anyway since being back in Gippy, I don't know why, somehow the feeling's different from last sem. Maybe it's because they are so many things to settle like I just paid up my tuition fees, my fines to student rez, OSHC health cover and still waiting for my COE to do my VISA which requires a troublesome medical check-up etc... And there's the usual stress of studies esp. when Im not sure what Im doing at all for Honours... Guess I'll just have to keep up the happy spirits and take things as they come. So we had the "bondage" steamboat dinner last night with our new found "friends" and housemates. When the clock struck 12am last night -> 24/02/05 is Alvin's birthday, so we gave him a surprise cake and some "kinky" gifts which I shall not mention here. As long as you know it's Tim and Longy who got them, it shouldn't be hard to guess what type of things they are..

Ok, so my blog is not so discrete anymore, so I reckon there are certain things which I wouldn't mention 'lest' I want the whole world to know. All I can say is when two people live together, alot of putting-up, understanding and giving in is needed and Im so glad I've got him. But it's funny how at first you love a person so much and when the person reciprocates, you'll be the happiest person on earth. It did for me but I just feel Im not too sure how long it's gonna remain that way. There are just too many times where I think too much of the future and it all doesn't turn out that way in the end. So I hope by doing the opposites this time, he would be the one? Well enough of my confusions, just take things as they come now...