Saturday, February 12, 2005

HaPpY cHiNesE nEw YeAr, "MeEt dA FriEnD" sEsSion, dEcO's 4 CNY & e CoUntDowN...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone and I just came back from sg today cause had a CNY dinner at my sis-in-law's auntie's place with her, my brother and Longy. As usual no worries about food being left over, haha this year got someone to help us finish. Just a little update -> Countdown to Flight -> 8 days. Feeling happy that the long awaited day is finally coming but sad at the same time cause I'm starting to miss family already... Well, I gave up going to KL 6 years ago to study because I was afraid of missing them but now I regret not going that time, so this time I'll just have to go ahead with my decision and choosing my happiness as well. Haha, some clownin around for my dog during CNY but the red packet did not stay long and he bite it off the next day. As usual love decorating the outside of my home with those CNY stuff and we had wanted to put some electrical lanterns, but my dad was nagging about having screws on the walls thus the idea was dropped..

Met up with some of my ex colleages from Conex on Monday and we went to one of those places that I wanted to go eat since I came back from Melb. -> Marche. Had my usual favorite crepe but this time with Ham and Cheese instead of Banana's with Caramel & Ice-Cream. So Longy and I were supposed to intro his UWA friend to my UWA friend and finally they got a chance to meet today and we hope they continue being friends when they are back in Uni next sem. One ultra-hyper guy and a sweet-loving gal... Hmmn... we'll just let nature take it's course... Not all of my friends were able to make it that day, so I told them I'll drop by the company and have lunch with them one day and not to forget with my ex CTC friends as well. Hmmn, all this last minute meetings are making me blurr already and I guess there a few I might just have to leave out cause the last 2 days before I leave, I wanna spend time with my parents. Well, it's all good I guess cause maybe some people are just not worth meeting up anyway..

Ok so I was in my depression and bad mood again few days ago and you won't be surprised why cause my handphone bill is now dued at a whooping S$500 over bucks including brought over's from December's bill till now. I guess signing on a contract is really a bad idea cause you never run out of credit and so sometimes you used it so much you just forget it. But honestly the stupid idea of having to pay for incoming calls is a ridiculous rule that only happens in Singapore. So you could guess someone had to calm me down again that day and I feel really bad. I just hope and know that all things will be better when Feb 20 comes cause I've been in low spirits since I came back from melb. anyway, so when things all pile on together, it just makes it worse. Anyway, going up to KL with my family in a few hours time for a 3D2N shopping spree cum outing, so wanna hit the bed soon...