Saturday, November 04, 2006

My new Jay Chou album, another retail therapy, sometimes love ain't enough, mix feelings and missing so much back home.

Currently Listening to: Jay Chou ~ Still Fantasy
Released: Sep 2006

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I promise you this would be a slightly exceptional post. Why? Because apart from showing the usual shopping I've done, and all the other "not-so-interesting" events I've been to, I would also pour out some feelings and thoughts deep down from my heart. Event's don't seem to be really fun anymore because it's the crowd that matters sometimes and not the actual event. A group of besties is enough to make a boring musical sound extremely wonderful. Anyway, just some more retail therapy last Saturday because Tubby went to play cricket for the University Team and he went for the whole day. So that was the only thing someone lonely can do to ease the boredom, plus not all were mine, the cargo pants was for Tubs. I was quite proud though that he actually scored the last 3 winning runs. *Cheers to the team and I hope they win for the next few matches as well.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSo there was the Japanese fair that went on last Sunday as well. It was a Cultural event organised by the Latrobe Valley Council in conjunction with some other organisations, one of which was the Uni. There were stalls selling Japanese Kimonos and Haoris, handbags, purses, small figurines, paintings as well as japanese food like sushi, pancakes and takoyaki. Of course there were performances like Judo, singing jap songs by the 3 pretty ladies dressed in the Azuka costumes or something etc. We didn't really spend much time there, but the short amount of time was enough to have made me buy two kimonos. I contemplated getting a Haori as well, like the one Sheali got, but it was $20 each and so I thought otherwise.

Well the rest of the week didn't turn out too well although I was really happy my pal sent me the new Jay Chou CD from Singapore. It was always a good and bad thing when I listen to new chinese albums that he sent; I'm soo happy to have the latest albums of S.H.E and Jay Chou, but they bring lots of memories and things I miss back in Singapore. And to make things worse, it reminds me of the gap between tubs and I; about how he doesn't know how to appreciate the chinese songs that I so very much love. Somehow this added on to the further distance which we had developed during the last few weeks. It felt really weird, it was like the songs threw me into a world of my own which I felt he didn't belong to. I don't deny I had started to lose some of the feelings I used to have. I know this sounds startling cause everyone always seems to think we are such a lovey dovey couple. In the perfect world, I would love my BF to be able to sing chinese love ballets for me everday apart from being charming, loving and romantic plus all the etc etc of built, figure, size and looks. But that would be in a perfect world and in this world, nothing is perfect.

I really miss being back in Singapore/Malaysia sometimes, back where all the fun and laughter is, where my family and friends are, where I can get my newest Jay Chou or S.H.E myself, where... It can get really lonely here sometimes. Everyone misses Gippsland when they graduate, that's because they have all the friends, fun and laughter, but you never get to experience the loneliness after everyone has gone back to their home country after they graduate. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAnyway, I wouldn't put all the blame on Tubs, we were pretty fine when we had lotsa friends around us and I think we are now in a stage of being too much in a comfort zone when everything gets mundane and routined. I still wanna try and make the relationship work if possible. So we got together on Thursday to make sushi together, and I brought some for my colleages as well the next day. It tasted pretty good and looked quite alright; not too bad I guess for a first attempt. Anyway, I am looking forward to going back Singapore/Malaysia in December even though I'll be only back for less than 2 weeks. Should have enough time to meet up with close friends that matter, and to stock up on my chinese songs and movies as well, although I really wished I could stay longer to catch the S.H.E concert.

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Anyway, one of my loves keeping me sane here in Gippsland, besides Tubs, Sheali, Gee, Lily, Audrey, Nancy and James is my darling Jasper! Look at how much he has grown! Also looking forward in the nearer future for Joewiz and Len to come back here for a visit. We are gonna have a pyjama party or something, as well as a photoshoot which I hope all of us can attend, I sure can't wait for that! Till then, hope I can stay sane enough to wait...


Joewiz said...

Jassie is so CUTEEEEEEEEE!!!! So charming d!!!couldn't wait to hugg him!Me n len went to the pet shop that day n was looking at those cute little poodles but unfortunately they are too expensive to bring home :(

-mel- said...

Keke, no need to buy from Msia loh, just come here and I'll loan you all Jasper for a few days.. ;) He knows "shake hand" also now. Both the "Father" teach one.. hee