Thursday, November 23, 2006

Darling and I's expensive photoshoot, Unreliable Malaysia Pos and More things to look forward to apart from the Holidays.

Okay, if you have seen my MSN nick in the past couple of weeks, you would have noticed me whingeing about an expensive Photoshoot. Anyway darling and I had filled up some lucky draw forms during the Royal Melbourne Show. So when a lady called him up to say that he had won himself a FREE makeover photoshoot, we were of course exhilarated since I've been pestering him last year to have a couple photoshoot when we were back in Singapore. As he, being the sturbbon arse, wants to do everything back in Melbourne. So anyway, darling happily booked a date for our shoot and the evening before, we were told to bring along 3 sets of attire each. We had to match our outfits and the lady recommended some themes lke sexy, formal etc lah. Then I was telling darling, "Eee, take those sexy raunchy shots like those ang mohs take, I don't want man." So me and my big idea, we went to the Fancy Dress Shop in Morwell to rent a set of costumes. I love Medieval Style Victorian Dresses from the 1800s. Thus I got a pink gown and darling got a brownish gold fest to match with me. The lady at the shop wasn't too friendly and that cost us $70 bucks.

So before the shoot that day, the guy actually brought us upstairs to explain about the photographs pricing. I tell you, the look on darling's face that day was priceless as the guy started explaining, "Erm yeah so you can choose from a range of packages, would you like a small album, big album, wall size with frame etc etc", and the prizes all ranged over AUD$1000! I think when the guy saw the SHOCK look on our faces then he proceed to show us the cheapest package, $545, which consists of 3 8R Photos, 3 5R and 1 Wallet Size photos. We looked at each other and inside we were both thinking, "Darn, already kenna cheated drive 2 hours from Gippy, then rented the costumes, might as well go ahead with it lah." And so we did, and here are the photos, not all of them, we took 50 over, but only developed this few.

I guess it was partly our fault for NOT reading the offer letter properly, I had a look at it after the photoshoot. In not-so-prominent fonts at the bottom of the letter, it had stated, "Photographs are not included. For a gauge, each 5R photos cause $95". But then again $95 Dollars for one 5R! Bloody Hell, your paper coated with gold or something is it? So for personal reasons, I shan't state the name of the Photo Studio. But if you think you got lots of money to spare, then email me, and I'll give you the name and address. If not, Photoshoots are best done in Singapore or Malaysia(By the Chinese), where you pay hundreds or a couple of thousand as well, but at least exchange rate is cheaper and the GOWNS/COSTUMES ARE PROVIDED.

Then to some UNHAPPY STUFF:

It was bad enough the last few times I send parcels to my parents, the postman just throws the parcel on the floor and thank God Bambam didn't bit it to pieces, but this time it is absolutely ATROCIOUS! The birthday prezzies I sent to my Mum and Len on 5 OCT, it didn't reach them at all! Australia Post said they definitely shipped it over to Malaysia already, but what happens there, they cannot check. Damn it, you thought what? Hari Raya big deal ah, can steal people's present! I hope the postman thieves kenna chase and bitten by dogs! Urgghhh! Then on ebay, business not too bad, though the money I earned was spent on other things. :P. But anyway that's not the point, recently there were lots of non-paying bidders and I'm not too happy about it. Don't know many it's holiday mood and people feel like clicking the "BUY IT NOW" button then later decide they don't want. K.N.S! ebay says will credit the Final Value Fee to compensate, but till now haven't heard of anything yet. (*_*)

Okay lah, enough of whingeing, looking forward to Len and hubby to come back next week and also chaboh loo on the 11th. Then after that need to shop for Xmas prezzies for friends and then look forward to my flight back SG in mid Dec. Tigger and Kitty, if you reading this, let's have Xmas Gift exchange again like last year? :)

P.S Anyone can comment on my blog now. This is to re-light the "FIRE" in my blog. So start posting your comments now! But of course, I'll moderate it. ;)


kristie said...

hey you look great!

kristie said...

you look great!

increadible.liz said...

cantik lah~~ hehehehe...

increadible.liz said...

thanks for lending the costumes to me and james... hehee,ppl think we were married.. don't u get that comment?