Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lenore aka Liew Sze Min's Visit back to Melbourne ~ Reminiscing the Old Times and Treasuring the New Ones.

Okay, Len was here last week from 2-8 Dec and the whole week was absolutely happening and even though I felt like shit going to work with droopy eyes and an exhausted state of mind, it was all good and I'm missing you already chaboh! (Sshhhh, Gee and Longy actually teared.. *sob sob*) Anyway, get ready for the Visual Outburst as we captured almost every single crazy outing or stuff we did. I even took a day off again to send her off, darn I've been taking lots of days off, lucky I could bribe my GM with Sushi. (*wink* Nah, kidding lah.. hurhur..)

DFO Essendon Shopping

BBQ at Lyells and Nancys, good food

Drinking session, crazy nights

Dinner at Helens and Michaels

Sending Len off, Yum Cha, DFO Spencer St, Crown Casino
So that was pretty much all we did for the whole week, although I have failed to mention about how much shopping I have done which I'm too lazy to put all the stuff here yet, maybe I shall do so when I have time. Let's just say I have about 10 new tops, 3 new bottoms, new wallet, new bag, new perfume(OMG Vera Wang~ Princess) etc.. :P Oh and we also had a "sushi-making" day, crazy outburst bully Jasper times, and some agitated-teary scene which I shall not say what. And also Darling and I had our 2nd Anniversary... Till then, enjoy the pics! :)

Longy and mel 2nd anniversary