Monday, January 22, 2007

Launch of Cosmic Reviews, Congrats to Chaboh Loo and Chaboh Len

3 Small Updates. First things first, please visit this newly launched website: Cosmic Reviews
Cosmic Reviews~ Ultimate One Stop Review Site
It's a Wholesame Review site catered for the Modern Men and Women with categories of all forms and includes prices of the different items reviewed in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia currency and even ebay. You can visit the site from the logo above or by clicking here.

Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS to Chaboh Loo for finding a great job! Update us soon!
Thirdly, not so significant, congrats to Chaboh Len for winning $ in Roulette and "THANKS" for sending me the SMS at 6am in the morning. ;) (Alright the 3rd one was absolutely lame and written out of utter boredom, I admit). ;p


Lenny said...

Wicked. You blog gets an honourable mention because I feature in it. And I'm so gonna hang shit on Yong in those photo shoots :P. Take care if yourself and John-Son. Catch ya in melbourne.

-mel- said...

Who's John-Son?! Yeah yeah, I should have put up that silly photo of you playing drums on the machine as well! hoho.. thats would have been more entertaining..

increadible.liz said...

Heh??? How come I dunno one? *sob sob*


Anyway back to the entry, have any of you visited that site yet? Come on!!! Move your lazy fingers there.... *shooooo*

-mel- said...

Woooo, Orh Ohh, Len's in trouble! :P Yes yes.. you lazy minions out there! Hurry up and go support the Cosmic Reviews site!