Monday, June 25, 2007

Disk Crash Depression, Winning a Tom Clancy Game Pack, Tubby's happening life back in SG and the weekend awaits.

Okay, I meant to update my blog last friday but I was too depressed to do so because just before I finished work last week, I found out that my external hard disk had crashed! :( Yes, all my photos, website stuff and God knows what other stuff's in it are currently "missing" or totally gone forever. All I know is that the hard disk gets detected, but the Used Space and Available Space is 0 Bytes and no files are displayed. I found out that it might be a disk partition problem, but I'm gonna wait for tubby to come back and settle it for me.

Meantime, no use crying over spilt milk. Anyway, on a happier note, I actually won a set of 4 "Tom Clancy's" game packs from the IT Meego Fund Campaign recently held on Gamespot. But the big joke is that the games not only belongs to a guy's genre, they are actually for xbox 360, which I don't own and will most probably not own. So I'm selling them on ebay.

And so, with tubby back in SG, there's no happenin stuff over here, except that I had gone swimming twice and went for my tennis lesson on a freezing cold and foggy Sunday. But it's great when your coach tells you that you are improving. *gleams* ;) Anyway, tubb's is having a more happening life back in SG. He's out everyday and last week he met up with my Pooh Gang. I was "oh-so-jealous" I couldn't be there. I could only talk to them through the phone as it was passed around the 4 of them. They had dinner in some newly opened restaurant which I can't remember where. Here's the pics anyway.

Yeah yeah, I'm lazy to edit the photos this time la, blame it on the "Hard Disk Crash" depression. On a different note, there was a little issue I wasn't too happy over the weekend, but decided to let it pass. Still I feel I can at least voice out at my blog. When any friend asks for a favour, Tubbs and I will usually say yes most of the time. But that doesn't mean it's right to assume it's okay to ask frequently, and especially at the last minute too. I mean, no offence but it's just not right to take things for granted sometimes.

Anyway, I'm glad tubby's returning this weekend! Otherwise I told him, I was getting insane talking to Jasper only everyday. Have booked a pet-friendly place to stay overnight so we can make it for that "long awaited" wedding fair! Yeah, I hope that it's gonna be interesting and there are no pushy exhibitors who try and get us down to anything there and then. Also I thought maybe instead of shopping too much this time, I wanna make a trip to the Museum too. We'll see how it goes. Till then, have a great week all! :)