Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's still all about Transformers (Part 2) and some thoughts

Been sick the last couple of days. Well, there's nothing much to update lately. No outings, haven't been anywhere fun, haven't bought any new clothing or anything interesting. I'm still on the hunt for my Transformer Toys, especially the Bumblebee Camaro 2008 version. Darn it's really mind boggling. Yeah I know, "There are better things to do out there than to be mad about toys mel!" But it's something that I really like. :P And I'm sure everyone has something they are mad about, it's just that they haven't got there yet.

Anyway, this mad BB figure is going for around $70 to $100 on ebay. And the RRP is only $27! They are only out in certain areas of NSW and QLD. It's so unfair that VIC doesn't have it yet! I even asked Ying to check out Singapore and they were sold out as well! The shells of Kmart, Target and Big W have been empty for weeks and the blardy staff can be very in-cooperative in telling when they are gonna re-stock! But I managed to dig from one Kmart staff and got the answer. And Noo, I'm not telling you cause I don't want anyone snatching my Bumblebee (If there's any) from me. :O

So on my medical leave the last 2 days, I was on my Nintendo DS again (What else to do?), played heaps of different games on my R4 but have found none really addictive except for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney and Rayman Raving Rabbits. Then I also decided to open 2 of my most treasured Transformers Toys (Voyager Edition: Ironhide and Rachet pictured above) because my fingers couldn't take it anymore. Tubbs and Jason also had a go with the transforming and it took them quite awhile to get it right. Tubbs was so pissed off, he gave up! It was that complicated to transform them, esp. from robot back to vehicle mode. I also watched the DVD Marie Antoinette after reading the book. It was a good add-on to my history knowledge.

On another note, 2 of my chabohs can't make it for the Brissy trip this year end. Well I could also understand the difficulties what with the exchange rate and stuff. I was thinking of cancelling the trip, but Len still wants to go, so I reckon we will go ahead with it. The more the merrier no doubt, but I guess sometimes, not everything can go accordingly as planned. So no hard feelings my dear girls. :)


Joewiz said...

YYOOOOOOOO!!!!! UR BUmblebee toy can transform???!!!! COOL!!!!! HOw much?? Where u got it?

Miko said...

wow... never know you are such a sucker for bumblebee... Personally, i prefer optimus prime.. haha... guess i like his tai ko style qua... Anyway, good luck with your transformer collection. Hope you got what u wanted. !!

Juz MeL said...

to looloo: Chaboh! That's the 2008 bumblebee I want but cannot get yet la. But I got the 1978 version though and that can transform too! They are the Movie Deluxe figures range. Cost around AUD$26.99, so malaysia will be around RM$90 I think..

to Miko: Girl! I like Optimus Prime also la, basically anything to do with Transformers la.. hehe.. What you mean by "Tai ko" style? Oh and thanks, hope I can get my bumble bee too.. ;)

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