Friday, August 24, 2007

Tubby's birthday, Trip to Mt. Baw Baw and Stuff.

I'll let the photos do much of the talking. Since the last update, we celebrated Tubby's birthday and went up to the snow. He is now officially 24 years old. And NOOO I did not put on weight okay. The photos were just taken at the wrong time and wrong angle. I don't care and I stick to that. :P And I mean who doesn't look bloated in layers of cotton?

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The spoilt brat had two cakes. One from me and the other from Alex. It was all good anyway since the two cakes were just enough to feed 15 people and had a little left over. Then he got a set of chef's knives from a bunch of them. But before he can open his present, he had to do a whole heap of things like cutting his hair, downing tequila shots, tickle himself and stuff.

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The ski trip to Mt. Baw Baw (Again for the 3rd time! I want to go somewhere else next year!) which my Godpa Michael brought us to. For some reason, I was feeling shitty that day and didn't feel like skiing much. And since I kept falling down as well, I passed the ski set over to Eileen instead. Toboganning is more fun, though we really wanted to try out Snow Tubing, but tickets were sold out for the day. :) Next time maybe.

On another note, we also received news of the demise of our bestest friend's father. I don't want to mention too much here and stir up her feelings again. But I just wanted to let her know that I almost wanted to flew 7000kms back to see her, if not for the financial issue. Whatever it is, we love you heaps "pai-kuat". Big big hugs.

And in case you didn't know, my Transformers toy count is now around 30 and going up and up. :P Got to know some really good friends from the OZ Transformers forum as well. You go guys! Spoiling me by always helping me get stuff first. Thanks!