Monday, September 17, 2007

Different life in a different enviroment. I need a break!

Maybe when people start working, their life practically revolves all around work and that leaves no time left for anything else. Or in my case, life sometimes is so boring at where I'm staying that there honestly isn't much to update. When I read my besties's blogs, they get to meet up with friends after work, have dinner together, go for a drink or two, go shopping or clubbing. Those sounded so much like the days when I was working back in Singapore. Maybe it's the culture and the environment too. Maybe if I were working in the city, things might be different.

Anyway I was very temperamental and in a pissy mood last week. Everything seemed to annoy me, even some colleagues weren't spared and were replied with somewhat hostile tones. I think the main issue was about money, everything had to come at the same time and probably also the lack of a break. I mean, the last time we had an actual trip was to Geelong during April. And that was like what? 5 months ago? I can't take it anymore, I need to go off somewhere, even to Melbourne I'll be happy. And even then, it's been 5 freaking weeks since I went down to Melbourne. And all because I had no choice due to the money issue that I have to keep putting off the date to go down.

And so I'm not gonna freaking care anymore, this Friday it's down to the city I shall go, with tubby. Just the two of us, although we're gonna miss our fluffy bunny Jasper lots. Looking forward to the food we gonna have, shopping and also the exchange of my transformers toys with Daniel.

Apart from that, life is very routined and mundane for the moment. I can't wait for end year where I hope there's a turning point in life after tubby graduates. Even if there's not gonna be a big change, at least I can look forward to going back Malaysia for Chinese New Year. That's right, tickets booked and flight date is set. I shall set you "sweeties" an email nearer the date I'm going back.


increadible.liz said...

When you NEED to do it, let yourself have it. I know at times you feel as though you're not allowing yourself to have fun & those boundaries have made you stepped back. Money is always a huge concern for all of us now. Just imagine, we're single not commmitted yet we feel that our shoulders are heavy, what more when we're committed, have a family of our own, take care of our parents etc.... I think by then our stress level is unimaginable.

Some happy moment last a short time, and sad times seem like forever lingering... Whatever it is, WE are the one who makes BEAUTIFUL thing happen in our life. So yes, there's always ups and down... we just got to live with it :)

Have fun this weekend in city! hehe~

Anonymous said...

chaboh...go to effing melbourne lah!!! give yourself a break ok. your work is taking the toll on you. even i was scared to message you on msn. take it easy ok. miss you heaps!

Juz MeL said...

To Liliz-> I can see where your point is chaboh, adult life sucks so much, so much worries and problems, yet some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and never have to fret at all in their life. Life is just so unfair right?

I wish we could always comfort ourselves with the happy moments, but its hard sometimes.. really hard.. :(

To paikuat-> Silly chaboh lar you, I won't bite you if you msg me on MSN no matter what! Yeah work is really giving me problems, some unhappiness about work scope and salary. I can't wait to go down to the city and do whatever shopping I want, or even just to get away from boring gippy, I'll be happy.. Talk to u soon.. MUAKS.. miss ya muchy too..