Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jay Chou's new album, poster, 2008 calendar and Melbourne Trip

This came from the postman yesterday, I'm super happy! His songs got me hooked as usual. You HAVE to go and listen. My Jay is still the same cutie, though now MORE talented, venturing into movies and directing, but I wished he can put on a little bit more weight. :P I've got nothing much to update lately. Was down in Melbourne last Sunday for a Transformer's fan meet. Some of the guys came from Sydney or Brisbane, it was kinda awkward at first and funny too cause everyone was sitting around the table in the food court and there were transformers toys all over the table. :P We had introductions, chatted around for a bit, then went around to the toy stores for a look.

I didn't stay for long cause poor Tubby was waiting for me at Crown, plus I had a large bag full of transformers toys, some of which I got a friend to bring over from Sydney for me. Then one of them gave me two free toys as well as sold me a book for a bargain price. I also bought one more pack of figures from Myer and also my Clinique facial stuff. So yeah it was really heavy. After I met up back with Tubby, we just went to get Asian groceries and made our way back cause we missed Jasper. Might post a pic of the forum guys if I can get the photo from them. Till then, tata for now...

* Ooohhh and for the first time in 6 weeks, our team won the Tennis match against Moe last Saturday. It was also the second time I won all my 3 sets. Yippie! Hope we can keep the good team effort going! :)