Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The emotionally stressful period, Easter break getaway and the transition update.

Apologies for the lack of updates. A lot happened in the past month or so and it's only recently that we sort of settled down a bit. Everyone sort of know that Tubby's got a job in Carlton. So we fretted about finding a house near city since house rental vacancies are at an all time low rate of 0.9%. It's like a fish market, 20-30 people go for a house inspection and then apply for it there and then, and the landlord gets to choose which tenants he favours. So I would say we were pretty lucky when our application was approved in a week of searching, though we didn't even view the house. And considering its so hard to even get a house, we are so blessed to get one that allows pets. Of course we filled this criteria out in all our applications since Jasper definitely goes everywhere with us. So our place is in Bentleigh East, a suburb near Clayton and Oakleigh. Will send an email to you dearies once we are settled in.

The main stress didn't stop when we got the house. Tubby's parents started a torment of hell the last couple of weeks. They would call him every couple of days, nagged to him hours on the phone, all the time refusing to let us move in together. I even wrote a long letter to them, telling them about our story and how much we mean to each other. I won't deny we almost got to the point of breakdown and it affected us quite a bit. But I'm glad Tubby stayed firm and stood his ground and they finally said they won't discuss about the issue anymore. For how long that's gonna stay, I don't know. But for now, we will just be focusing and getting excited about our move the next few weeks. Rental in melbourne is super expensive, we are paying like 2.5 times the rent we are paying per month, as compared to Dalpura CT. Of course it's unfair to compare between city and country rental, but still, it's a huge difference. And the house is totally unfurnished, which means we have to spend more money on appliances and furniture. We also have to start paying for electricity, gas and water bills since they are not included in the rent too.

Anyway, straying from those moving and emotional stuff for a bit, here's some photos from the Easter trip to Tarra Valley:
3D2N getaway at the Tarra Valley Rainforest retreat. we just wanted a relaxing weekend away for the 3 of us during Easter. Jasper had his fun being able to run all over the house since it was pet friendly. On the first day, we laze around in bed, had dinner served to us in the evening, took a short walk around after dinner, had tea in the veranda under the moonlight. On the second day, we went down to Yarram for the Easter festival. It was nothing too exciting, just vehicles and children all dressed up in costumes parading down the street. Then we went to Port Albert for the famous and fresh Fish and Chips; the seafood was really awesome and we also went for a short walk in the Tarra Valley Rainforest. On the last day, which was also my birthday, we went back for another walk in the Rainforest, this time to the suspension bridge. It was just lovely, with the fresh air and cooling atmosphere which makes you feel so relaxed.

Then on the night we went back to Churchill, we also had dinner with the people from Dalpura CT. And I just wanna say thank you again to you all for the sports bag, I love it. And it works best for my tennis nights. Also I have started playing netball with Eileen, Ying and the other uni students. It's so fun being able to go back to it again, I played it ages ago in high school. We haven't won yet on the last 4 weeks or so, but we're just out to sweat and have fun. :) We also had dinner and played Kup at Helen's and Michaels' place again. It's probably one of the last gatherings where everyone can turn up. Some of the photos have been added on facebook by Ying, so check it out there if you want.

And for those of your darlings or "kpos":p out there, we will be moving into the new place this friday and slowly bringing more stuff in every weekend. I won't be moving in permanently just yet cause I want to get a job down there first. And this time, I really do want to get a job that I really love doing; like graphic or web design. Plus it's not a rush for me to move down yet cause I still have tennis and netball comps going on here. And so I have lazily started sending out job applications last week, and I got called for an interview this friday, which was surprisingly fast, considering they take ages sometimes over here to process the applications. But anyway there's no promise to anything yet, so I'm just going to leave it in God's hands, like I always do. Till then, take care everyone and I hope the next update will come again soon.


Anonymous said...

hey so glad you guys are moving to the city...FINALLY! that was our dream like 2 years its hard i know but you two did the right thing by hanging on..there will always be hurdles to cross, but hold on tight to each other. simply because its not easy to find love, especially the love you guys have for each other. everything will be alright...*hugs*

Juz MeL said...

Hey chaboh, thanks for the support and sweet words that you all always have for us during our times of hardship. Yeah everything is slowly working out and its great! Can't wait for you to come visit again. Muaks.