Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A visit to waterfront city at Docklands and Crown Casino's christmas splendour

Mum, Ying and I went out to Docklands last friday to see The Southern Star observation wheel which is more easily nicknamed Melbourne eye just like the london eye. It's located at the Docklands and also houses new retail stores there which they call the Waterfront city.

It was disappointing though because mum and I actually wanted to take a ride on it. Tickets were about AUD$29 per person I think, but it wasn't opened yet. It was funny because they recently had an opening ceremony, so you would have thought that means it's open? :o Even then, most of the shops there weren't opened as well, so only a handful of shops to walk around. The "soon to be" opened stores had posters and funny things stuck on the shop front to indicate what kind of goods they sell.
Southern Star Docklands and Crown Casino
A view of the Southern Star observation wheel from the Tram stop. Trams 48 and 86 from flinders street and bourke street respectively bring you there.

Southern Star Docklands and Crown Casino
A white christmas tree outside the row of shops which kinda reminded me of Bugis for some reason, Ying also said the same thing. The weather was scorching hot that day lah, not at all a "snowy" christmasy feeling.

Southern Star Docklands and Crown Casino
As mentioned the unopened shops had a display of images with a combination of things pasted on them to tell you what kind of shop it would be. For example this would probably be a hair dresser or a shop selling hair products. We also saw one that had lots of bowls and cups pasted on the wooden boards.

Southern Star Docklands and Crown Casino
A snap shot on the second level. Note the shops at the back, most of them on this level are also not opened yet. The white building on the top right are apartments. Imagine staying at one there! You wake up every morning, walk out to the balcony and what a view you get! :D And also all the shopping temptations nearby!

Southern Star Docklands and Crown Casino
We met darling at Crown Casino when he finished work. After dinner as we were walking towards the hotel lobby to watch the Crown Christmas display, we passed by this seafood restaurant with such an ENORMOUS crab that we just had to take a photo.

Southern Star Docklands and Crown Casino
In front of some of the christmas decorations with mum. See the glittering Crown logo on my right. heehee. :D That's like a super gigantic "glass" ball or bobble decorations that you hang on Xmas trees.

Southern Star Docklands and Crown Casino

Southern Star Docklands and Crown Casino

Southern Star Docklands and Crown Casino

Southern Star Docklands and Crown Casino
The choir which performed so many wonderful christmas tunes.

I probably took more video captures as compared to photos because it was better to capture the animated moving performance. It was Crown's annual christmas show where the tree "talks" and then puppets pop out from the tree and the carousal turns with dancing puppets and stuff. And then Santa Clause pops out from a carriage on the carousal.

Gosh it's just so much easier to show it on the video, which I hope (I will not be lazy and upload to youtube) so I can post it up here. Meantime enjoy the photos first... :)


aims said...

Looks like you had such great time there! Btw, I was at Crown last week and saw the Christmas thingy but it was almost the end of it, aiyo... -__-

Dutchie said...

Hi Mel !

I stumbled onto ur blog recently n spent 4 evenings reading the backlog. It's very interesting to see how ur life unfolds in Oze.

I hv been thinking abt Oze as an alternative place to retire since Sg is getting so expensive n over-crowded, when we retire in Europe.
It's at least less far away from my family in Sg n we dont hv to learn a new language if we hv to moved to a warmer place like South of France, Portugal or Spain.

How does ur mom feels abt living in Oze ? Would she rather live in Sg ?

Juz MeL said...

Mel->Aims: Yes Aims! Just a pity the Southern Star Observation wheel wasn't opened yet, funny. The Crown performance plays every couple of hours or so until christmas eve I think, if you have the chance, stay through the whole performance, it's really good. :)

Mel->Dutchie: Hi there, do I know you? I can't seem to find any familiarity in the writing. :p Thanks for spending so long reading my blog! How did you find it?

Anyway yeah OZ is quite a good option for migrating and it's only 7 hours from Sg and only 5 hours to Perth. Are you staying in Europe now? My parents are intending to apply for visa to come over and stay permanently actually, they love it over here as well.

Dutchie said...

Thru Sg Women abroad website, I came across A Singaporean in London, who is related to Valencia Oranges n she has u in her blogroll :-D

I'm not only staying in Europe, I'm married to it *sighs n shakes head sadly*. If I hv ever known what I was leaving behind in Sg, I would not hv done it .. but being young n impetuous I thought I could hack it n also there's this dashing blondie .... Just waiting for the chance to revert back to my roots one day .. Fingers crossed !

Stacey Lim said...

Hey Pooh, just wanna wish you a Merry Christmas in advance! Love ya...

Juz MeL said...

JuzMel to Dutchie:
Wow I didn't know there was such a website, whats the link? Haha, being in Europe is a good experience though, it opens pathways to Australia and America more easily as well. So you planning to move to another country? Send me an email and we can chat more privately there if you want. :)

JuzMel to Stacey:
Hey dear Piglet! Happy happy christmas too.. hugs..