Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Our 6th Anniversary - of being together. :)

Time surely flies! It felt like just yesteday uni mate Len and I volunteered for the Orientation in 2004 when we spotted Tubby during the registration. He was a lonely "banana" who only spoke english and didn't really mix much with the new group of students when they first came as they mostly conversed in mandarin.

And so the three of us hanged out together heaps, then soon become a crazy bunch when the rest of the students came back and from then they say, the rest is history. We only went official on 6 Dec 2004 and so it's been 6 years (of happiness, joy, ups and downs). This year on 6 Dec 2010, we decided to make this anniversary a little bit more significant as we'll be married by the next one.

It was nothing too elaborate, we both just took a day off to spend time together. Afternoon was pretty much bumming at home and we only went out in the evening for dinner at The Langham Hotel - Melba Restaurant.
It was the first time I stepped foot into the Langham Hotel Melbourne. We have heard about it so much especially from Master Chef. The hotel was just beautifully designed and lighted and because it was near Christmas, they had a big christmas tree set up.

Dinner was the famous Melba buffet and boy did they really have a big spread! The highlight for me was the abundant sea of prawns, bugs, crabs and sashimi! I think I ate the moreton bay bugs and prawns the most! They also had a variety of desserts and the running chocolate fondue fountain which I didn't miss as well.

There was also chinese and indian food there and we tried the naan and curries. You can also order anything from the stir-fry section and ask the chef to make the dish to your liking. I don't think I ate much of the main courses, I just kept going back for the seafood. We really stuffed ourselves that night and for once Tubby actually felt he had eaten too much! :p