Wednesday, December 15, 2010

St. Peter's Carols by Candlelight and Andy's Birthday

I joined one of St. Peter's Catholic Church choir around 2009, they are called the Contemporary Choir. We used to sing every 4th and 5th Sunday of the month, but being the Youth Choir and singing songs that were more upbeat and cheerful, parishioners have suggested that they would like to see us more and so we're singing on 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays now.

Anyway around last year, a new Music Director Chris joined the church with his wife Chenade. They are really nice people and Chris decided to organise a Carols by Candlelight event. The event was called "Emmanuel - Carols by Candlelight, held on 11 Dec 2010. All the different choir groups took turns to sing christmas hymns and all were invited.
A group shot at the room back of the stage where everyone was warming up.
Can't really see, but this should be Patrice or Val's choir group doing their stint.
Us, the Contemporay Choir Group leaving the stage after finishing our songs. We did four songs in total.
When the sky turned darker, we lighted candles and continued into the night with the singing.
THe Korean Choir from Waverly church were also invited. They were really awesome and blew everyone away.
The finale where we performed the song "Emmanuel - God is with us" again. We did this at the start too.

The four songs that we sang:
1) Silver Bells
2) Go tell it on the Mountain
3) Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas
4) Joy to the World (All the boys and girls)

It was a great night and all of us really had fun celebrating the spirit of christmas. Thanks to Michelle and Tubby who were there to watch and support us as well. I'm definitely gonna join again next year. :)

We also celebrated Andy (one of our tennis mate's) birthday that same weekend. He turned 30 and so it was a pretty significant one. We had dinner at these Chinese/Malaysian Restaurant in Balwyn called Mabrown. They had really good grilled spicy quails and you had to make a booking otherwise you won't get a table on a Sat night.

And dinner we headed to our place for a fun night of wii and games. Joan decided to make the birthday surprise at 10pm+ so that Andy can enjoy the last couple of hours before he actually turned 30. LOL. The cake was a very yummy and elaborate one from Brunetti and present was a Lego Star Wars set as he's kinda of a Lego fan as well.
The birthday boy very happy to take his cake (from James I think).
Opening his present and already guessing what it was due to the sounds.
Usual group shot on our pretty big and comfortable couch.
Sexy shot of the two princesses "Troy and Andy" hugging.
And then we started on the Wii gaming - Mario Kart was first on the list.
Then Troy decided to make us try the wii fit board and these funny pose exercises.

It was a great weekend of fun and celebrations. And with christmas getting so close, it certainly brought more spirit and feel of the upcoming holiday mood. :)