Thursday, March 10, 2005

2Nd WeEk oF uNi, FRi NiGhT AmBeR CLuBbiN, tHe hAsSLeS oF ViSaS & tHoUgHts On dArLin I dOn'T TaLk mUcH aBouT hErE...

Greetings again people, it's been another week since the last update and things are finally getting more organized now except from the fact that I got a woke up call from DIMIA yesterday mornin at 9.30am asking me to go for a bothersome medical checkup and x-ray for my VISA, which is the only unsettled thing right now. I mean it's stupid enough when a person's course last for 3 years, they get a 3 year VISA straight and those who need to extend theirs have to reapply again! Does that mean those students who get 3 years VISA straight will be "Viral-free" and you mean we are not? Lucky I found out this morning that I could do the check up at a Clinic in Churchill instead. =)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyway back to more jovial stuff -> As it was the first week of uni, we had the usual culture of headin down Saloon last Thurs and it was of cause packed again. Then we headed down Melbourne to Amber on Friday and with us, a few new faces that join us that day. Longy booked a service apartment in Glen Waverly meant for 5, but we squeezed 9 people in anyway. It was tiring but fun with shopping around Chadstone the next day. It was also great to be back for Sunday Mass in the Lumen Christi Church on Sundays though I wished my mum was here with me too. Gave Marion, Miurel, Micheal, Helen etc a big hug and I couldn't help but tears welled up in my eyes as we talked and how happy they were that I chose to come back to Churchill. Father Malcomn was hinting to the locals during sermon to give the Intl students a warm welcome by talking to us and saying Hi. It really feels good to be back here apart from the fact I wished my parents could be here too. Well, went to my uncles place on Sat to collect more of my baggage and boy you should see the look on Longy's face when he saw the 8 more bags & boxes that I had. But he brought it back for me anyway, as usual that sweetie. We both chatted and had lunch with my Uncle, Auntie and niece Kayla before we headed off back to The Glen to meet the rest...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo apart from the fact that I'm happy to back here with more bliss of waking up next to him everyday, somehow people might think weird that I don't mention him as much as I did in the past with Phion; was surprised to checked that he's single again in his friendster. Well I needn't say more about him, just that Love isn't just about looks anyway, personality and behaviour counts alot or at least to me... The reason why I don't mention how much Longy means to me and how blissful our relationship is now is because maybe I'm scare what would happen at the end of the year? Friends have been telling me to let nature take its course, but now I'm pretty sure of what I want for now and the future and I'm really afraid that fate would seperate us and we'll both be devastated? But for now I now, the first and I hope the final time in my life, I found someone whom I love and loves me back so much and the feeling is so indescribable that I can only feel in my heart, "Yes, he's the one". What I mean is when a couple is together, "Seeing each other in easy, getting along is hard" or on the chinese form, "Xiang Jian Rong Yi Xiang Chu Nan". But with Longy, it's easy and comfortable in every other way... ;p We got to the point where we discuss issues with each other calmly, compromising & giving in to each other and sharing our problems and troubles. Some people may think he's a softie or sometin around me, but a definite NO, it's called respect. I guess any women out there would prefer a gentlemen to a typical jerk, right?