Sunday, March 20, 2005

tiMmy'S 21St biRtHdAy pArTy, fRiEndShiP mEaNS aLot To Me aS wELL & bUcHan CaVes / LAkEs EnTrAnCe / WyAnGa WiNErY TRiP

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's been one long week before another update and all thanks to the "bee-z bee-z" stuff that's slowly getting off the loads on my mind. First we had a pre birthday celebration last Sat on 12th Mar for Timmy's 21st on which the actual was on the 14th. There was the usual alchohols, people and noise plus a deejay 'bean' and his sub woofers blasting outside South and had the caretaker coming to warn us to tone down before he shuts down the party. Apparently some other people complained about the noise which only seemed like 1/4 of the level Hemant has at his partys. I mean, what's wrong with people these days? Anyway, here's wishing Timmy a "Happy Belated 21st Birthday". A person matures with age, and I think so will you right? Many people come into your life, some came by and leave a deep impression, some stay for awhile and leave memories with you, some just happen to be part of your life, but some of them might remain forever, whoever stays or was once part of your life, I always remember what my friend told me, "Learn to live, learn to let go" and I think this should go behind "Whatever's yours will be yours, whatever's not, no matter what you do, it'll still be lost one day."

Words of advice meant for a friend
Care and concern, we did what we can
To listen or throw away it's up to you
We felt we did the best we can do
In all those times we lend you an ear
We all meant well in what we tell
Sometimes you have to sit & think
We can't be the one always giving

Quite a significant number of things happened in the last week. Some were good and some were bad. Apart from the happy fact I finally got my medical check-up and x-ray done for my VISA, I also settled on my Honours Project after discussion with my lecturer and hope I would not regret it anyway. The Career and Graduates at Clayton campus was not too bad, lotsa companies but all they want are Aussie PR at least before they would employ you. 2 days ago I thought I was gonna lose one of my best friend, but somehow I would not give up on her. Too many things have happened between her and her other half and it had been causing a strain among the usual gang. But I refuse to totally give up hope on her, and just pray for her that her that god will lead her to her path soon.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo today the Photography Club had it's first outing for the semester and it was to Buchan Caves somewhere near Lakes Entrance. The limestone caves that were millions of years old were really exquisite and walking through them was castrophobic with the really narrow passageways we had to pas through. But we had fun anyway with us later having Fish and Chips at Lakes Entrance and visiting the Wyanga Winery where we tasted Pot, Musket, Nips and stuff and Miko bought 2 botttles of Blackberry Nip in which makes women "randy" after they drink it? Hmmn.. "kinky".. Ok I shall stop now and continue some other time.. ;p


Anonymous said...

hey mel, just want you to know that in still me and i wont let anything get in the way of the friendship too. i treasure it too damn much...*smile*...

-mel- said...

Im sure you do, thats why i never gave up hope on you.. =)