Wednesday, March 23, 2005

mY 2* biRtHdAy aNd GiVin ThAnKs 2 u aLL pLuS tHe rEtUrn oF SeXyH.. ;p

This post was actually created on Thurs 24 mar, but I wanted it to date back to my birthday, thus the change of date. Well anyway, yesterday was my 2005 birthday and don't ask me how old I am, you would know well enough if you're close to me or you can find out from other source. Firstly, just a little tribute for all who made things possible and happy on my birthday:
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Sorry if I left anyone out, thanks if you felt you have contributed in any way and I might have forgotten you. This birthday was one of the best ones I had with my gang and while my parents are not with me. Though I didn't really show it that much cause as you grow older, somehow birthdays don't mean so much anymore because you wanna try to stay away from the fact that you are getting older every year. But still appreciated everyone's attention and making me feel like a princess that day... *huggies to all of you*

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comBack to some not so happy things that happened on Mon 21 Mar. Alvin just had his L's not long and Longy was teaching him with sexy-H when they met with an accident. Lucky all were fine except from the burnt of his pocket (Sorry Alvin) and darling heart broken of how sexy-H's front bumber and right head lights were smashed. But glad that all's well that ends well because we got sexy-H back on Thurs when the guy at Panelworks said that 'she' would be ready only during the weekend. So this is a pic of sexy-H taken last se, but it's all good since 'she's still looking good and fine now. You must be thinking funny how we all seemed so affectionate towards sexy-H and you should have seen all our reactions when Longy told everyone sexy-H's ready. We were all like, "yeah, sexy-H's coming back!".

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOk so we go back again to my birthday for abit. Was really happy to receive a parcel from my pal back in Singapore, he got me my most wanted Chinese Pop Instrumental Hits CD and a birthday card which I got it on Tues 22 Mar. Tigger gave me call too on Wed morning to wish my happy birthday and asking me to stop lazing in bed cause it was my birthday. We chatted awhile and guessed I kinda miss her as well. She's already tired of her job with all the long workig hours and stuff. Well, what to do, life in Singapore is like that. No offence but everyone knows working there is always "Overworked and underpaid". Ok ill stop complainin. My birthday gifts from my mum and dad are still on the way in the plane I guess and here are some of the gifts I got from my friends. Thanks again everyone.. Cya guys later, Longy wants to go for a drive in sexy-H.. ;p