Wednesday, June 29, 2005

tAzZy - hOBaRt tRiP, aN iMpeNDinG wEeK aWaY fRoM dArLinG, mUm's rEtuRniN hOmE & sTaRt oF tHe tHinGy iVe bEeN pUshiN aWaY..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comJust came back from Hobart on Sunday and the trip did kinda lighten my spirits up a little. The first day was a little grumpy one because everyone did not have enough sleep and darling, trying to be a clever arse, had to go rent a manual car because he hadn't driven one for a long time. We didn't realised it was not a good idea until we figured out how hilly the roads were in Hobart. As expected, the manual car was exchanged for an Auto one the next day. On the left, you would find the Tasman bridge, which connects Hobart city to the rest of the other towns across the sea. The 2nd shot shows darling looking blur in the Richmond historic Gaol. Then the 3rd shot is taken with dalring in front of the Richmond bridge built in 1823, plus the 4th one with mum at the oldest existing catholic church ever built in Australia - The church of St. Pauls built in 1836. It even had an infant tomb stone next to it - 4 mths baby boy died in 1845. And to the other side of the church lies the cemetary, creepy eh?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd as usual, with all the squabbling we had in the car with the directions on how to get about, going to the casino was one thing that could cheer darling up. Being the oldest casino of Australia, the Wrest Point casino could be no way compared to Crown in Melbourne at all. The gaming room occupied a really small area with only 3 roulette tables. It probably was 1/8 the size of Crown. Next 2 photos were at the Cascase Brewery and the fruit gardens beside it. It was the first time I ever plucked fresh apples from trees and eat it there and then. Darling and I were really interested in going for the brewery tour, but mum wasn't, so we had to give it a miss. Next photo is at the Alpen Rail swiss model village and railway. As the name says it, it had a village and mountains with railways that filled the whole room. Trains were one of darling's favourite things, thus for the trip anyway. He took a shot with his Thomas the tank engine too.. You can see in the next shot below... haha

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThere was a small faerie gardens next to the model village and we went out for a short walk. Darling with his usual mischief, tricked me into counting the 7 dwarfs! Mum was fascinated by the thick and long haired cats and couldn't help strocking them, as you can see. Next visit was to the Cadbury chocolate factory. And we definitely took the tour for this, what with all the chocolate tasting and smelling as we went round the different sections, you could almost smell of chocolate after leaving the place. Apparently, they make 800 tons of chocolate per day just to cater to the whole of Australia's population! Ummm and freshly made chocolate really smells and tastes fantastic. But with the amount of chocolate we had that day, plus the ones we bought back as gifts for friends, I reckon we would be away from chocolate for some time...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe 3rd day was to the famous Salamanca Market which operates only on Sats, 8.30am to 3pm. They sold alot of arts and crafts, clothes, souvenirs, food, soft toys and anything you might wanna find.. Got a tazzymade bag there, finally something that isn't made in china. Next we visited the Penitentiary Chapel which was a chapel cum gaol in the 1800s and it underwent many changes. We went through the prisoner cells, their hanging chamber, the court rooms and half of what's left of the chapel. It was really cold and creepy inside, lucky we went in the afternoon. They even had Ghost Tours at night! The picture far right top was of mum at the St. Mary's catholic church where we went for Mass that night. We even brought the bread and wine together up to Father. And Father was really nice asking where we are from and how are we and stuff.

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So, that was part of the photos from the 4 day Hobart trip. My pal called as well during the trip, telling me how he was going to spend his birthday. Happy Birthday to you again, S.S.K. Glad you like the presents. Will be going down to city again tommorrow with mum and staying with my uncle for 2 nights before my mum returns to Msia on Sat. The next week will be hell with having to finally force myself with my project I've been keeping of for a long time. And it's even harder without darling around for the week... *sob sob*