Monday, June 20, 2005

iM bOreD, iM LaZy, i jUst HaTE pRogRaMMin, hOpE tHe TRip GiVes EnCoURaGeMent, miSsiNg dArLin aNd mUm wHeN sHe GoEs bAcK...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI half-heartedly thought of taking a look at my project when darling walked in complaining again. Yess, the noisy bunch are at it again and some of them just came back from a city trip and with the amount of groceries they bought, they were gonna invade the fridge and continue the stalk up for war. The poor freezer has never seen its empty days for a long time. *WTF* My bloody laptop froze again and it gets to the point where "ctrl-alt-del" does not help and I had just finished the post wanting to go out and cook dinner when it happened. Anyway to recap about what I wrote: While reading some blogs just now, I was surprised to find out that the so-call "botak" had broken up with his "sweet" msian GF. Only last year, Ph was going on about how close they were and how she was going to s'pore to join him and stuff, but still it didn't work out...(So it was the same, with the both of us anyway). It just made me wonder if it's the problem with us MY girls or is it just the guys who spent half of their life in that small island?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCurrently playing: Prince of Qin. Not too sure which year it came out cause I'm not exactly a hard core fan of keeping up to date with PC games, but RPG games never fail to amuse me though. Read about some good reviews and bad reviews about the gamw while searching for the print screens, and all I know is that it's gonna take a long time to finish. It's different from 'Age of Empires' or 'War Craft' where you can select a random map, it;s just one while long story which you "die-die" have to continue if ya wanna finish the game. Considering the low level of patience I have, this is something contradicting or maybe it's just that I'm inquisitive (a better way to put it) and did I ever mention I like ancient and medieval stuff? Anything from chinese palaces to the england castles; Always imagined how life would be like in those times: NO COMPUTERS=NO PROGRAMMING=NO HEADACHES. Then again, all the entertainment we have today would make you ponder... But my mum told me something before, "What you don't have, you won't miss", and I feel that's pretty much true... If ya get what I mean...

**Looking forward to the Tasmania Trip with darling and mum ** ++ Large eyes sparkling ++ (O.O)

++ Sad, teary eyes++ (#.#) BUT NOT to:
~ being seperated from darling for 10 days because the empress dowager is visiting him
~ having the burden of the project while spending time with my mum

Project, project please go away,
Come again another day,
Or please just vanish away,
But still give me the grade anyway...

(Yess, I'm having a problem keeping sane and am starting to sing and hum like Rachel from Big Brother - Reality Show on TEN)