Monday, September 05, 2005

yEaH dArLiNg sPoiLs mE hEaPs, hiS vAniTy wHeN goiN 4 ISA meEtiN, dEbOrAh'S bDaY & mOrE hEaDaChEs.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comGuess the world isn't that small either. There are always times in life where your friend knows your friends and friends and so on. But so far I haven't got any replies on the two good friends I'm trying to find. Well, guess I just have to use other means then if I can think of any. Anyway last Fri darling and part of his ISA team went down to Monash Peninsula campus for a meeting with all members of the ISA from the different monash campuses. I had half-heartedly wanted to tag along but then I had an interview with Aspen, the student union student services officer at 1pm and they left at 6am in the morning cause the meeting was at 9am. But it was okay, gave me a day of missing him and having some time alone. The interview was kinda interesting, it was on Feminism and Aspen was writing an article on it. Spent the day writing an article for EMIT, our uni newspaper and shopping myself at Midvalley. Didn't feel like entertaining anyone that day, so it was just me alone taking a quiet drive down Midvalley in SeXy-H. And thanks to Joyce who introduced the Volunteer job for the Commonwealth games next year though I didn't get it because they were only looking for Communication students for the time being.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNext, Deborah celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday with her parents and us. It was such a sweet thing that her parents flew from M'sia to celebrate their 25th Anniversary and at the same time celebrate her 21st birthday for her. We had a great and sumptious dinner at the vietnamese restaurant, thanks to auntie and uncle. Well, project and thesis isn't going on very well due to my laziness and my procrastination to even start on it. I'm kinda prepared to get a month or so extension if I'm really not up to handing in mid November. It doesn't help when I all my itchy hands wanna do is to play my "Guardians of Light" PC game and two more final tedious assignments coming for the other two modules. Lately darling and I have been talking about us next year too. Yess, I'm not sure if I should come back to work in Gippy next year or to go back S'pore and finish the two years remaining bond which I still owe. Yeah being an adult is such a tiring thing, there are so many things in life in which the path you take depicts your future route. It's really sickening.. *signs*