Monday, September 12, 2005

jUz aNotHeR oNe Of oUR hEaRt-pOuRiN niGhTs & sOmE tHiNgS aRe bETTeR eXpReSSeD tHrOuGh wRiTiNG..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLove the nights when darling and I don't fall asleep the moment our heads touch the pillow, instead we cuddle up and start talking, about everything , about uni, about things, about people... Last night, he was on the verge of confronting a girl whom he cared for when she first came Gippsland, helping her in every way he could so that she would not feel so home sick and the least he expected her to do was to respect him. But, she didn't and as usual the GF gets the blame for everything and darling isn't too pleased with her backstabbing. Why is it sometimes when you are just feeling a little down, having a little mood swings and just not being yourself, then people start to misunderstand you? Do ya expect us to go walking around smiling all the time, being a sweetie and nice in every way? Tried doing that before and found out the hard way that it doesn't pay to be kind. No matter what you do, somehow people would have something to say about you. Besides, I told darling not to be affected by it, cause I'm not. I mean, whose words could be harsher and meaner than Sophia(ex GF's lesbian fren) right?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThen darling went on to say how he's kinda stressing about being the President for ISA next year and how can he manage the committee well and stuff. We kinda feel caught in between sometimes on matters of deciding what's right and what's wrong. But I have faith in him, that he would do well , and bring ISA to the next level. Manage and not dominate is the key to it I think. Then we talked about a really good friend, one whom we place close to our hearts, someone like Denise or Evon whom I'll always be ready to defend and stand by them if something goes wrong. She was once a person who was ever more ready to defend her close friends and to tell us everything that's on her mind. But all that changed ever since someone became part of her life. But, we still love her heaps and hope her true self would one day return... *huggies* to you, you know who you are...