Wednesday, September 14, 2005

mY nEWeSt dEmAnD & eMeRGeNcE oF a BiTcH!

The latest on my "Demands" list! Adobe Photoshop CS2. Check out the cool new features here: Man, after so long I still feel I have taken the wrong course as always, should have been Digital Media Design or some sort. Anyway, met up with David from EMIT (Monash Gippsland Uni Newspaper) today and am pretty disappointed and sad sometimes that students do not show interest at all when requests for articles and helpout with the design and layout work are sent out by him. I try as much to squeeze in some free time for an article and for this last issue of the year, I'll be designing the front page layout as well. So any ideas and suggestions on it would be appreciated! You can find out more about EMIT here:

Then let's get to some infuriating things (Darling, Len, Tim and I) read about last night about a bi*cH who's pretentious enough to put a fake front to us but bad-mouth us behind our backs. I mean we were just totally stunned at the things she said about us when we actually treated her as a good friend, got her gift for her birthday, trying to be as nice as we could to her even though she's really DUMB and I mean it with a capital "D". Len's kind enough not to mention who it is on her blog, but I'm not. That biXcH behaves like a bloody 8-year old kid stuck in an adult frame, can be irritating all the time, too full of herself as always like telling how she could get 100% for her Learner's test when she couldn't even pass it, a stupid women who doesn't know how to listen when told NOT to walk in front of the camara and she thinks Easter is during Christmas time! Talk about ignorant people, well here you go.. Man it's fxxking bad enough I am vexed and stressed about my project supervisor who never understands and reply what I'm asking him and the assignments and coming exams, but yet I still have to deal with this kinda shit! Sometimes people should learn when to back off and give me a break PLEASE!