Sunday, September 18, 2005

TeSSeLAaR TuLiP FaRM & RoYaL MeLb. ShOw: a DaY oF FUn aNd gEtTiN poCkEtS bURnT, bUt iT wAs aLL gOOD!

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Finally yesterday was the long-awaited trip I've been waiting for: Tulip Farm and Royal Melbourne Show and yeah we had a great day and heaps of fun except for the occasional rain and we definitely burnt a hole in our pockets at the Royal Melb. Show, which was something like a carnival, or at least darling's hole is a tad bigger I guess! ;) Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking. The group shot includes, (from left) darling, me, Tim, Joyce, Len, Ginnie, Winnie and Elizabeth. We arrived at the Tulip farm at about 11.30am and the rain went on and off for awhile. The first place we went to was the Cafe to get hot food and a cuppa coz we we all freezing and I really pitied some of the girls who wore only a thin jacket over them, Len, Joyce and I were already freezing our arses with the polyester jackets we were wearing. Len and I got a "Vegetable-Seller" raincoat to wear for $2 bucks only when the rain stop thereafter. Thank God the rain stopped finally and though the tulips here weren't as beautiful as the ones Len and I saw in the Floria Festival in Canberra, but it was okay. We had fun picking our own tulips later and bringin them home to see them bloom.. Next stop was Royal Melbourne Show Ground!

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Man, this is one of my favourite places! Carnivals! The sun shone so brightly when we arrived at the showground at about 3.30pm and everyone thought the weather outside would be warm, but no, it was still freezing and the wind kept blowing non-stop. (Thus, for my frizzy, ever untamed hair!). We started from the Pet Showroom with a few cats and dogs around as Pedigree and Whiskers were there promoting the pet stuff. Then we headed down to the market place where there were stalls selling all sorts of things all around. We decided to have our faces painted! It was so cool and Len looked like a witch as first with her lips blue as well, after which she decided to wiped the blue lipstick off. :) Next stop was the Animal Farm and the Cattle Places where we saw the usual different farm animals, an ewe who just gave birth in the morning and bloody huge arse cows! And yes, there were really huge like even double or triple darling's size and man we saw them taking a crap, it wsa yucky! :p Then we walked on and saw many food stalls with candy floss, show bags and lots more show bags. And we got ourselves some "she-devil" hairbands. :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCouldn't believed when darling said he hadn't taken a Ferris Wheel before cause he was afraid of heights. And so yesss, we grabbed him to have his first ride then, the view was so great from the top of the carriage. Next was the bumper cars ride and darling and Tim as usual were havin fun tryin to knock Joyce and Len. Hee, I was lucky I chose to sit with darling. ;) So we went on to try more games and stuff and finally each of us won at least one huge soft toy which really made our day! Poor Len had to take all those "Dizzy, stomach-churcning" rides with the boys, I opted out and lucky I did, coz even the wave swings made me so wobbly after that! Guess it's not a good thing to go on crazy rides when you don't have enough sleep and feel really tired. Darling said he almost felt himself flying out of his seat in the Crazy Mouse Roller Coster. There were heaps of other stalls and rides in which we didn't have enough time to finish all. We were walking pass the arena when we saw the huge monster truck and heard the lady being shot out of the canon ball when we were gettin some food. And to end the lovely day was the short but sweet sight of the colourful fireworks.. =)


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