Friday, February 02, 2007

New Music Craze, On Life back to Monotony, Cute Jay Chou, New Neighbours and I wanna sing sing sing!

Genie Zhuo Wen Xuan ~ Xi Guan

Currently Listening: Genie Zhuo 卓文宣 ~ 习惯 /Be Used To
Released: Oct 2006

No I'm not being "un-faithful" here, I'm still a loyal Jay Chou and S.H.E supporter. It's just that I'm also open to other artists, genre and type of music as well. And for some reason, this (I thought she was a newbie at first) sweet lass here happened to have the "Oh-so-famous" Liang Shan Bo and Juliet/梁山伯与茱丽叶 song which was played on the radio station, television and my friend's car so repetatively that you would have to be ignoramus not to have heard it before. So I kinda ripped of her songs from my friend's CD and I fell in love with a few of the other songs too -> Winter Orange/冬天的桔子, Long Sleeves/长衣袖, Concoting Happines/幸福调味 and Can or Not/可以不可以. You can find out more about her from

Life's been pretty much mundane since I got back from M'sia/S'pore, as expected. But luckily there are the little things in life that perk you up once awhile like when your boss suddenly comes in and tells you, "Hey, look at this ad here, it's good, I reckon we should display all your ads along the hallway of the office", when I get to go down to Melbourne city and shop, when my pal sends me the latest Jay Chou or S.H.E album, when something exciting happens in the boring place I'm in (dreaming). *Sign* I thank Ying and Serene for keeping me sane sometimes, apart from mum and tubbs. I honestly miss my friends, my "used-to-be" happening life. Anyways I finally got my lazy arse back to playing tennis yesterday evening. The new grip that tubbs put for me on my Wilson racquet definitely made playing much easier. Yeah, I wanna keep playing, at least twice a week.

Then on something more unusual, I discovered another Jay fanatic like me when I was searching for METERS/BONWE a.k.a Jay Chou endorsement. The only difference in this fan is that she blogs about his latest news on her blog in English, she only discovered Jay in June 2006 and she's a Canadian-Born chinese. And her blogging makes it easier for me to read about Jay, rather than the pesky forums that make me go "oh-so-dizzy". Needless to say, I had to steal some awesome photos of Jay from her blog (with her permission of course) and I'm so glad I made a new found friend, who's born in Canada, lives in New York and loves Jay. Cheerios to getting to know you, Doretta. :) And here's pics of adorable, handsome and talented Jay:

I also got chatting to Kal on MSN yesterday. He's gonna to be my next door neighbour next semester. And his house is gonna be one big gambling den with he and his 3 housemates all being poker addicts and yessh all 3 are guys and yessh I have already chosen nick names for them: Beach Boy, Korean Guy and Ah Beng. Well apparently "Ah Beng" is actually a very eligible bachelor, yes eligible in every way you can think of. ;p *wink* And also they wanna invite my female housemate over for dinner one day, because they think she is hot. And no, that housemate is not Sheali because she's back in Malaysia, so you all go figure.

And on a totally different matter, I think I've been listening and singing too much of Genie's songs, so much so that I wish I have a chance to sing on stage again. YES, 我想再次站在台上唱歌.。如果人生有来世, 我想在台湾出世,成为下一位最佳女歌手。


Joyce said...

didn't know u were interested in METERS/BONWE, it's everywhere in shanghai, not a big fan of its clothes but they always play his songs and music videos in the shop

-mel- said...

Yeah I Know!!! I only recently found out he was endorsing Meters/Bonwe when I looked for his wallpapers! So much for being a fan I know. Anyway the shops only have franchises in China. If I knew it earlier, I'd have asked you to get me a shirt or two.. :(

joyce said...

i actually saw a small outlet at suntec over a year ago, so dunno if its still around...

-mel- said...

Really really? Cause I went to their website, and they only stated that they had stores in Shanghai, Beijing, and other parts of China etc.. If ya go Suntec next time, can you please check for me if the outlet's still there? Pwwweeese? I'll love you to bits! =P

increadible.liz said...

Oh damn.... new neighbours... no more hot guys to see ady *sob sob*

I wonder if that gal is our dear housemate living next to you? Unless there's another hot chic who just shifted into yr house! *lol*

-mel- said...

Keke, I thought U said one of Kal's friends not bad looking? :P OMG Ima wanna smackz u and Joewiz for being so blurr!! MY HOUSEMATE = You Two's Ex Housemate also lar.. Got it? Ring a bell? Yoohoo? (+.+) Honestly, if there are new people movin in, I'll sure tell my chabohs one right? *shakes head in despair*