Friday, April 27, 2007

It's Singin on Culture Night, Cycling Trip and the Competitive "Biatch"

Yeah! Finally I have quite abit of updates. First, thanks to Ammie, She'd ask me to sing for Culture Night again! *Yippie* And what's even better, I've got some pretty girls (Sharon & Sookyan) and handsome guy (Ah Hao) for my cast in the music performance. It will be another chinese song, there will be ballet, fire sparklers and crutches used, and nooo I'm not gonna reveal much, you have to stay tuned for the video which will be up in a few weeks time. And Eileen, Ying and I will be singing another English song too, with Alex and Nick playing the keyboard and guitar respectively. Now the only worry is darling's and my china costumes will arrive in time for the night. *Fingers crossed* :o

Anzac Day Cycling Trip to Hazelwood pondage
Anyway, we went for a cycling trip around churchill and hazelwood power station on Wed. It's was super tiring! We cycled for 4 hours and our arses hurt like hell and the next day was even worse, cause every part of our body felt sore, but it was all good, we had the fun and the exercise. :)

Belated Birthday Prezzies from Evon
Then, I also received my very belated birthday prezzies from Evon. Never mind they were late, it was the thought that count. See, how cuteeee they are and how "so-mel" they are too. :D

Another thing; I was thinking of joining an upcoming Badminton Tournament. And I'd have paired with darling if only we coordinate better(And if his ankle weren't a "pain"). Sometimes I feel, I can be a competitive "biatch". Somehow I seemed to coordinate better with another malaysian guy called Wangwei, and so I signed up for the Mix Doubles with him instead. I still feel bad though darling doesn't really show it. :( *Promise we'll pair up for tennis matches in future.* B)