Monday, April 16, 2007

Lamenting again, the Celebrity quiz and Tubby the Chef

Len was bugging me to update my blog a couple of days ago, and I told her there was nothing happening to update about. So life is back to boringness after the Easter hols, and can you believe it? Australia doesn't have anymore public holidays in the 2nd half of the year except for the coming Anzac day and Melbourne Cup day! So it means it all work and no play for the rest of the year unless you take your annual leave. :(

Anyway, I took a Celebrity Quiz on Nine MSN:

Total Score: 19

16 - 19: Magnum Ego Caramel

You're a healthy Magnum Ego Caramel, and you're not afraid to show it — it just oozes out. It's got you in some sticky situations but your convincing act fools most into thinking you're just sweet.

You too can take the quiz here

Although I really have no idea what that actually means, but what the heck, I was bored. So other than that, life evolves around badminton, tennis and swimming (plus gaming and reading :P) after work everyday or during the weekends. Yes, that might seem like I'm kinda sports crazy lately, but damn the "pudgyness" is still there; Maybe because I eat as much too. *sign* And how can I help when I get to eat good food like this at times:

Delectable dishes created by Chef Tubby. Did I mention before that he's a great cook? The long hours at work mean that when I get home, I'm too lazy to cook anymore. So darling spoils me sometimes by cooking me a specialty meal when he has an inspiration. :D We always sit down and look at the food, and I'll ask him to describe it as it would be in a menu, then we'll eat and discuss about what ingredients or sauce is missing or too much. Mum always thought that it might be a good idea to open a restaurant in future. *dreams* woah, ladyboss, uhuhh, uhuhh! B)