Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jasper's Birthday and Shoppaholic Blog Updates

Oh how can I forget, it was Jasper's 1st birthday on Sunday. And since chocolate and cakes were a no-no (not that pastries were exactly acceptable, but less damage though), we got him an Apple Custurd pastry pie. Silly boy didn't even bother, all he wanted to do was to get on with it and to eat his "cake". Eileen, Dom and Ying even sang him a birthday song. *beams*

And ooh, I have also updated the Insane Shoppaholic blog. :D So you can check out more shopping if you're interested. Not much though cause I'm tryin to save. (Or not?)


looloo said...

So fast it has already a year, when i saw the title it did reminds me the same month of last year which was the time i went back to aus so happily and few days later jasper was "born" in south 9.*sigh* how time flies.

Juz MeL said...

Yah chaboh, I know what you mean.. Suddenly a year flew by already, it seemed like just yesterday we were chatting together in South 9, you making your char siew pastry and us pinching it to eat... :( But I guess that's what life is all about sometimes, ups and downs. At least you have a good job in KL now.. =)

Joewiz said...

yah, it feels like so 'yesterday. Ever since i came back to malaysian, i haven't been baking anything. Miss those cheese cakes and siew pao also,not to brag, i think my cheese cakes and siew pao taste better than those i've tried out there, hehehe.

Juz MeL said...

Aiyoooo *thick skin*, but it's true la, your pastry and cakes are really hot stuff, to stop baking is such a waste. End year you come back visit, stay longer la, then can bake for us to eat again.. heeeee..