Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The City Trip and sometimes, some things are better NOT left unsaid.

I've gotta say the City trip lifted up my spirits a little. But it didn't help much when last week an apparent good friend decided to team up with someone else in the badminton match without telling me earlier. I mean I would have been really cool if she just told me earlier cause I was waiting for her. Anyway I'm not fussed now, I've got other partners already,but the hurt is already there. And so Tennis and Badminton matches awaits, "Oh I so have to get the practice especially for tennis since it's my fav!"

Anyway here's some pics from the city trip:
Meatballs, Doghouse, Dogs Toy, Tool Kit from Ikea
Dog house for $9.95 only, what a bargain, tool kit, donkey from Shrek for Jasper, display shelf for my transformers and other nitty gritties. :P

Bedroom, Kitchen and Children's Room Decorations from Ikea
Lovely sample decos from Ikea. And no I wasn't supposed to take photos, but ssshhhhh... Those decos just make you wanna get your own house and start your own renovations and decorating. Tubbs was saying that he wants an Island kitchen counter facing the TV so he can enjoy himself while cooking. :D

Transformers Haul from City and Daniel
And lastly, my transformers hauls for that day. Most were thanks to Daniel who got them for me. This is only a fraction of what I have now.. heeheehee.. :P

Funnily enough, I DID NOT buy any clothing or makeup at all this time. Maybe cause there just wasn't enough time and also I guessed we were kinda broke after @^#%@$ asian groceries cost us a whopping $112 bucks! And till the next time, tata for now..