Friday, September 03, 2004

ISA Newsletter, Elections Coming Soon, 3-down 1 to go, and Just Blogging

There's nothing much to blog these days as life here still revolves around assignments and stuff. To make matters worse, I sometimes don't even have the time for myself, but it's a real wonder some people here are just too free and thus their minds start to get creative over certain things they have seen or heard and as the message gets passed on, it just becomes another story... Anyway, just handed up my multimedia assignment on Weds morning, it was 5hours late. Couldn't be bothered cause I just didn't have the mood to do it. Serve myself alright that I had to stay till 5am on Wed just to force myself to finish it and hand it in... Managed to finish up the ISA newsletter as well and guess they should be in Student Residence's mail box soon cause Stacy and I were madly photocopying and folding them yesterday... Boss had wanted me to do an 8paged one, I told him it was good enough I had the time to even complete a 4paged one... Kinda disappointed that I couldn't submit an article even for the lst issue of EMIT uni paper this semester...

Somehow it seems coincidental or ironic that at the time of finding content for the ISA newsletter, I came across an article that a friend had emailed me which was a message that I sarcastically want to pass on to people whose mouths just cannot be kept to shut. Just don't understand why some "acquaintances" are so interested in my life anyway? Whatever it is, my relationship with bb remains strong and to all those KPO's out there, STOP bugging Phion asking if we are together or telling some nonsense whatever shit you heard or saw. Yes we are still and will always be together... It's lucky our love's strong enough to withstand all these shit that those people want to give us out there. It's not fair to assume something's going on just cause Len and I are close with Kiddo and Tim and they are more westernized...

Well, haven't been sleeping much the last few days due to the loads of stuff I need to do. Have to endure another 2 days of sleepless nights cause I have another assignment due on Sep 5 and I haven't even started anything yet. Hopefully can have a happy 2 week break before assignment 2 comes again. Gotta miss the Amber outing we planned tonight too cause everyone's busy and can't make it. Hemant's cooking curry tonight, mmnnn... yummy, my stomach's growling already... Gotta go do at least one question first before dinner... So till then... (*-*)