Sunday, September 12, 2004

At last some rest & fun, Churchill Idol audition and Amber Clubbin

It's amazing how time passes so fast when you are having fun or when you are rushing assignments at the last minute. Well, the last of the assignment 1s' due on sep 5 was submitted few hours late again as usual, and I spent the whole night without sleeping doing it. Until it was submitted bout 9am plus in the morning then did I finally manage to catch some sleep. Somehow it seemed so busy with assignments and club stuff that even though the next lot of them are due in about 2 weeks to a month's time, the pressure continues on and I promise myself to make sure I start earlier this time. = Trying to keep to my promise is another thing though; Hey at least I went library to get some books already today...

Some interesting stuff I found on my notice board and the artwork by Len:

Penny for my thoughts:
~ Some people come and go in your life,
~ Some might leave an impression, some might not,
~ Life is such a funny thing, it has to have the ups and downs,
~ Leaving you choices that might hurt yourself or others,
~ When Sorrow or Loneliness prys on you, it seems to last forever,
~ Joy or Happiness comes all in one shot and doesn't stay long...
(5 of my GF's relationship ended with their BFs' this year,
it's so scary it makes you "wonder" if you should be in it in the first place)

Anyway, decided to try out the Churchill Idol audition last Weds in the West Rec Hall twice to be exact. Don't know why I just decided to pull Len in and sing another song with her cause after all, we were alwayz singing in the car or when are clubbing together, so I thought "What the heck, might as well sing another one for the fun of it." Well lucky enough, the judges felt our combination was good and she sang with emotions; that was one of the factors that contribute to getting us into the finals next wed sep 15. Somehow the "kick" didn't start to get in till tonight where I finally feel some sort of nervousness coming after some "worthy advice"...

So assignments are gone for the moment, thus it was down to Amber on friday... The music wasn't that good though and we got bored and left at about plus. Imagine we were all hungry and went to grab KFC at 3am plus in the morning. That is so sinful - all the oil... Finally Len and I stop our procrastination and stopped at the Asian Grocery Store to get the stuff we had wanted to get weeks ago. Headed down Chadstone after that to window shop for abit then went back uni. Boy it was one of the earliest times I came back from city - 4pm...