Wednesday, November 24, 2004

a FiNaL tRy, cHanGe oF eVents, tHinGs hApPeN FoR a ReAsoN...

Series of events happened during the last few days that I guess by the time I finished everything I would have left some things out. To make it brief, I met someone last thurs and was glad to see how successful he is now -> out of the usual 5Cs' that most girls want, I can say he's got 4 of them already. Too bad though he's not meant to be mine; or at least that was what I chose not to. Made a trip back to my ex-company on friday and was shown around the new office building -> it was lovely with the mkt. dept. now at the attic and overall place was cosy looking. But then my close colleages which I'm used to havin around cause they are so much fun are planning to quit next year round march or april. It is sad to think that if I do go back and work for good, things wouldn't be quite the same anymore. Although the right thing is not to make decisions based on such things cause people come and go, I still can't help but think twice about going back CTC to work permanently.

Met my much missed and loved cousin on Sat night cause she was returnin to KL early the following day. Did come catching up with her and got some advice about relationships from her as well. We were jokin about us when we were younger funny how she was always jealous of me cause I was the one getting the guys while she didn't. Well it may have been a blessing in disguise cause now she found the supposingly right one in her life while I'm still wandering around aimlessly. Whatever it is, I wish her all the best and we'll still be there for each other no matter how far apart we are or how long we haven't been talking. Got a call from Len as well and sure miss ya heaps too gal... Talked to Tigger for awhile on ICQ and she was complanin how we all trick her into graduatin at Clayton and in the end no one keep her company. Feel really bad, but guess she'll understand. My life is so messed up now that I really hope things would come to a conclusion in time...

( The first sight of him irks you and you feel a sense of dislike for him cause he looked like the usual snobbish, full-0f-himself, typical s'pore guy. Then as he became friends with you, with the cute, silly, funny and adorable things he did, the dislike gradually changed to like. Doesn't all things start this way? Sometimes it continues, sometimes it doesn't... HE:
- cheers you up with his silly and funny acts when you're down
- is so soft-hearted he always gives in to everyone esp. his friends
- is a pizza, quarter chilli pounder, bak kut teh and practically all kinds of food lover
- never turns down any request when there's a need of favour to use his car
- is sweet and caring to his friends
you have never ending good things to say about him in the 5 months thats you know him, but what's the point when he doesn't belong to you?