Wednesday, November 17, 2004

sOmE LaSt sHoPpiN, gOodByE tO giPpsLaNd, bAcK jB/sG, tHe eNd tO sOmEtiN?

Went to do some last minute shopping for souvenirs in Vic Mart and also to see some of the places round Melbourne which I won't be seeing for quite a long time last friday. Met up with Len and Tim at Glen Waverly on sat to have lunch before dropping off Longy's car at his Uncle Cheng San's place. Was so frustrated at the baggage weight problem at the airport that I forgot to give my friend a call. Had to call my uncle to come pick up one extra luggage which couldn't go through because of the excess weight and lucky SQ had extra baggage weight for students, thus no guesses as to who had to help me with my extra lugagges. The last shot before everyone went their seperate ways that day:

Was happy to see my parents and sis-in-law at the airport to receive me but hate to admit it, I was upset during the flight back cause I was missin gippsland and all the happy memories there already. Tried to sleep in the plane but just couldn't and thus watched movies of one which was a love story title" The Notebook". Somehow it caused some emotional stir within me and tears just flow down my cheek naturally... There was someone else who came to receive me at the airport and I was in a state of shock that I didn't know how to response when I saw him.

Met up with a long time sec sch friend who's the same age as me two days after my return and was glad to see she was happily married to her BF of 9yrs with a 9mth old daughter. Somehow I always seem to bring happiness to some of my good friends round me (I was the one who introduced them at first) but never able to find my own true happiness because fate always seems to play tricks on me and my heart... Anyway finally revealed my thoughts to someone and he decided to give up on our relationship. Then again, there are always things in life where the unexpected happen because people have to make choices as fate and time are always not on our side, or mine maybe... Im always caught in a situation where I have to choose a path which decides my fate in the future and it always isn't easy... Guess this "depression" period could be the natural "slimming" program...