Sunday, July 24, 2005

dURiAnS We'Re SuPPosEd 2 cOLLeCt aRe NoT hErE yeT, sHoPpiNg @ DFO & JuSt sOmE LiTtLe UpDaTEs..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOkay I promise to make this post a short one. One is because it was only updated a few days ago and two is because I have been telling darling im gonna do some studying for the past 2 hours already and I haven't started anything yet.. *haha, LOL* Yess, it's only week one or for some of you, uni's not even started yet, well lucky you then. Nobody wants to stress themselves when its only the first week of school, neither do I, but I just don't have a choice. As you can see, Saturday was shopping day with Len at DFO, I reckon they should pay us for promoting them, yeah? Anyway, there's really heaps of shops and we didn't have time finishing the three rows of it when it was closing time. We reached there about 3pm and they close at 6pm and yess, its us gals and we definitely take longer. Most of what I spent was on darling's pre-birthday gifts, which was a dress-shirt for the upcoming SRA Ball and a Canterbury Polo shirt. Don't ask me what brand that is, I reckon the guys know better, apparently it's a brand that endorses rugby products and darling's mad about it. So you can tell, it's BLOODY expensive, worst than a Nike or an Adidas Polo shirt. But awwhh, I guess its worth spoiling him a little sometimes..

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Okay, so I promised to keep it short, so this week's updates include:
~ Meeting up with Suryani an IT PhD student to ask about my project so I can understand better, which helped a little, but still hey isn't really there yet...
~ Getting to know a girl called Fiona from my Data Comm. class, nice and friendly gal!
~ Finally seeing Helen and Michael at Church this morning, boy I sure miss them since I haven't seen them for a month cause they were busy during the hols & stuff. (They are like my foster parents here after being with them throughout the whole of Catechisim classes before I got baptised.)
~ Talking to Michael about how I was afraid I can't finish my thesis in time and how I can't communicate with my lecturer and he gave me some advise.