Tuesday, July 19, 2005

eVoN'S bCk fOr ViSit, CiTy tRiP cLubBin & tO sEnD miKo oFf bAcK mSiA, pLuS tOo MaNy tHinGs sUck iN LiFe..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's the second day of class and I decided to do a little update after coming back from the photography booth at uni. Darling's still having his lab and won't be back will 4pm or 5pm and I plan to take a nap after this cause my head's throbbin. Guess it's from the late night sleep last night, when the two of us were tossing and turning and I was throwing my tantrums with my mood swings again. Back to more happy stuff, Evon's back for a visit and some shots taken with her and the girls on our Yum Cha that day. Just read an email from my mum that day asking me to try and stop worrying about too many things especially the PR thing and about darling's fate and me next year. It's real ironical how my mum says she trusts him and hope she's right that he is "The-One", while his mum asks him not to be too serious in the relationship. Sometimes I get really pissed that my mum dotes on him so much while Im kinda like nothing to his mum because she refuses to let her "precious" be snatched away. He says that his parents need time.. yeah time.. Time will tell lotsa things...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCouldn't believe we were really bored that day on the way down to city and decided to play around, being vain and taking photos in the car. Anyway I reckon Len's gonna charge me for copyright one day with all the photos I put up her in my blog! =) The trip down was to have a last night clubbin for Miko in Melbourne and also to send her off the next day. Mind you, having a trip with too many people can be a real headache cause you get problems like not enough transport (2 cars but 13 people), people who act like kings and queens and expect to be picked up whenever they want. Darling and I agreed that this would be the first and last trip with so many people. We even took the risk squeezing 13 people in a service apt. meant for 6. Lucky it was only for a few hours sleep with the time we came back after clubbin..

Image hosted by

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo Miko went back M'sia on 16th July. Lucky gal, to think she was worrying too much about not passing all her modules wen she actually got D's for all of them. Damn I didn't even do that well for my supposingly last semester last year, I was partying away like hell. Well, that's apart from the point, congrats to her for her graduation anyway. ;p Anyway the first day of uni felt really weird, going back to lectures and stuff, plus my mixed up of modules I had to change. Then again the undone project is still left on my mind. *If I could have a wish from a genie now, I would ask him to complete my Java program for me*. Yess think Im going nuts already sometimes, what with so many things to handle on my mind that I have been having mood swings with darling. Like last night filling up the M'sia Police Clearance form to send back M'sia ask my parents settle for me. I just felt so agitated and grumpy thinking of further forms I have to feel and places to go to complete the different processes. I told darling I needed to talk to a counseller..

Anyway, tales around gippy travel in the wrong places and come out from the wrong mouths. I just happen to ask about extending another semester in case I couldn't finish my project and the message was passed round to my friend that I was going to prolong for another sem. Soon, everyone will think Im gonna stay another extra sem to complete my Honours. Never mind anyway, I don't have the full faith. Guess my friends have much more faith in me than I have in myself. Chat to Fizah today and found out that DIMIA could issue a Bridging VISA while waiting for PR application here. I was delighted at the news, but then don't wanna put my hopes too high again. Been there, done that in the past and sometimes, it makes you fall higher and harder... The news about my close cousin breaking up with her BF made me lose even more faith in my love life cause they were so close to getting married and *boom*.. Life's unpredictable and it sucks too...