Monday, August 08, 2005

oLD fRiEnDs aRe GoLD, nEw FriEnDs aRe siLveR, tHeY miGhT bEcMe gOLD tOO 1 DaY & mAN i HaD a MiLLioN iDeAs hOw tO piSs Off tHaT peSkY gAL!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFirst of all, a little happy stuff before I start winching on what happened yesterday night, up late. Got to know some new friends from Len and Darling cause they were helping out during orientation. Had dinner with a few of them last fri and also, last night where Kal, "Da-Man" in South 1 cooked a nice dinner of spaghetti and bolognaise for us. Pretty huge bunch of us which apart from Len, Tim, Darling and I, there was Kal, Debbie, Wayne, Ying, Carine, Sureka, Josh and Joyce. We had a game of Truth and Dare thereafter and the whole bunch of us were just laughing away at the funny dares and questions that people came up with. Nice group of new people and fun too. Look forward to another dinner or outing of some sort with them. Although I don't seem expressive in front sometimes, its great to know you guys!

Sat, 6 Aug was our Uni's Open Day and as usual, for ISA, Len and I never miss a chance on getting to sing on stage. We've got so used to it from Churchill Idol, ISA AGM and Global that singing live now in front of people was nothing at all and seemed all natural'le. The events included Fashion Shows as well and overall, was a successful event that day..
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Now, I really need to get off this heavy feeling on my heart. Woke up this morning still feeling the words on her website in my head, yes, those hurtful words that still you can still sense the feeling of hate and bitterness in them, the short paragraph which seemed to paint a picture of how much she abhorred us, or maybe more towards me. Darling and I had a huge shoutout last night, all because of "her, her, her". Yes, his ex GF whom he finally decide to give up after I gave him a choice last year, "It's either her or me." And NO Im NOT a third party, before he left SG, it was already a "No Strings Attached" situation. It's almost been a year since it happened and I thought she would have gotten over it by now, but HELL NO! Len and I browse her blog once awhile just to be KPO and lately, she had some posts of how friendless she was and stuff after she "lost" her BF. So outta goodwill, I just left a msg for her saying, "Maybe if she looked closer sometimes, there are people who really care for her and like her for who she is."

Darn I don't expect any good or nice replies of being thankful, but at least not the rude remarks she left, in bold to my name, saying she did not need those dirty remarks / advice from us on her blog and told us to FXXK OFF . It just goes to show what bad upbringing a person has. But then again, you won't be surprised at what bad manners she has with all the crude remarks and posts she has on her blog anyway. Then it dawned upon me about why I couldn't understand how she felt. The bitterness and the hate when a guy dumps you for another girl, I have NEVER had to go through that before and I THANK GOD for his watching over me and for his guidance: Always choose someone who loves you much more than you love them. NO, Im NOT trying to be conceited, I've had my fair share of unrequited love too and it's normal cause you can't expect every guy in the world to fall for you.

In all my past relationships, I was the one who initiated the breakup or if darling puts it, "I dropped them like Hot Potatos". But no lah, Im not that mean, after awhile not suitable then no point going on right? Anyway it's also because I've learnt a lesson when I was 13yrs and got fooled by a guy that one and only time, I vowed that would be the first and last time. I don't cry over spilt milk, I might just winched and bitch a little, but I'll definitely get a new brand of milk.