Wednesday, August 31, 2005

iM LoOkiN fOr mY LOsT fRiEnDs, cAn aNyoNE hELp aNd whAt dO dReAmS mEaN?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMan, I have this budding thing in my head for God knows how long and the next best way to find my two lost friends is through my blog. Yess.. I have tried friendster, and even Google and Yahoo search but I still can't find them. Got to know these two sweet and really good friends during a trip to Korea-Seoul on Nov 2004. Their names are Koh Swee Kee and Wong Ailin respectively. I' ve been trying to find them for a long time cause the only bloody mobile phone I stored their handphones numbers crashed and I didn't even get their email before I left SG. They are from Malaysia-Malacca, but have been working in Singapore for few years already. Had really fun and good times with these two girls and hope to find them, so please if anyone knows them, pls letme know! Thanks!

Yeah, been dreamin lotsa weird things lately like Len and I back in old company Commonwealth Travel working?! *mel frowns* and gives a "huhh" look. Been thinking alot about those happy days I had with my friends and ex-colleages back in SG and M'SiA although I had a really shitty BF back then. Kinda miss those times and always thought what would it be like if I had never came Melbourne at all. Hmmn.. Was also dreaming about back in my old company having lunch with CK gege, Brandon, Juliana, Alvin and all those fun gossip times we had.. KTV with peipei and georgene, clubbin with EX shitty BF and his fun friends. (Yeah I love his Honda CRV more than him that time I think... Girls will be girls right? Who doesn't like Hot Cars?) and going out with my pal SK. Those were the days and some would never come back again, and all I can do now is reminisce the past once awhile, yeah memories are good sometimes, don't you think? Treasure your friends like I hope I'm treasuring them enough now and remember, but only those who are worth it. (+.+)