Saturday, August 27, 2005

mT bAW bAW sKi tRiP, bEinG siCk sUcKs aNd cOnfFessiOnS oF a SiCk GaL

Image hosted by Arghh, im still sick and although my sore throat's gone, but here comes the cold, the flu, the runny nose and the impending fever in which I can feel my head getting heavier every minute. But just being the sturbbon me, "die, die" also must use more of my new keyboard and must upload the pictures from the Mt. Baw Baw Trip last Sunday. So here goes.. Darling says I might have gotten sick coz of the Ski trip and I was wet but didn't have any change of clothes. Plus it didn't help when we were freezing our arses off in the bus trip home where the heater didn't seemed to be working at all. But it was all good and we did have an enjoyable trip anyway, although most of us were all sore the very next day. Well, a little fun comes with a little pain ya sometimes..

Image hosted by Well, as you enjoy more of the pictures from the ski trip on the right, I have two confessions to make, or make that more than that. Last few weeks were my ex BF's birthdays and I messaged all of them. One was on the 3rd, 17th and 20th. Told you my BF's were all LEOs. Anyway, I got replied from all of them, well we are all just friends anyway, so it doesn't matter. But the guity part was that I dreamt of my 1st BF lately and it was the exact same day darling dreamt that we got married and I divorced him because of something he did wrong. The most coincidental part was at the same day of the dreams, one of Jacky Cheung's songs was suddenly played in Kal's car, and it reminded me or him even more. Well, so they say first BF's are hard to forget, esepcially when we were together for 5 years... But thoughts are just thoughts at some point in time, and we've gotta learn to let go whatever's not meant to be. Easier said than done I know, but life still has to go on right?

Image hosted by
The again, when I think of how sweet darling has always been, I can't help but wanna cherish him although I am really hate it sometimes when he disses my chinese songs and not knowing how to speak mandarin at all. All that comes out is just one or two words which sometimes cannot be understood at all and its so amusing that everyone laughs everytime. Well, so they say in a relationship there must be a give and take situation. but I can't help it sometimes especially when I love Hong Kong movies and chinses or canto songs. 真希望你多明白我心中,多关心一些你从没在乎的东西。或许有一天,你会明白,也可能你永远都不去在乎。许多的或许,我让天主帮我做决定,决定你是不是我今生的白马王子吧。


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