Monday, October 03, 2005

EMIT nEwSpApER iS oUt! gO sPReAd e WoRd & gRaB oNE + dArLiN'S iNTeRviEW & eNd Of SeMeStEr sOON!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCheerios people, Len was asking just me a few minutes ago, "Are you updating your blog again?". I was like, "No lah, just for the EMIT paper, haha".. Yes the uni's paper, the last edition of the year is out and I grabbed a few copies today, one for myself to keep, one for mum and dad and one for people to flip and trash around after reading it. Somehow my ebay article's kinda contradicting to what I just did yesterday. I was still very much into ebay, haha and spent the whole day setting up a "Seller's" account to sell off my unwanted stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed cause my starting bid for my mobile phone is only AUD$20! Anyway, darling got a call from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation(ABC) today asking for an Interview about the Indonesian Crisis here cause he's the ISA President and he's nervous as ever about it. Well, the sememster's coming to an end and one more assignment to go before I can concentrate fully on my thesis and exams. Speaking of which my supervisor just emailed me today asking about my progress after I was M.I.A for so long.. *ooppss*