Sunday, October 16, 2005

uNi 4 mE iS eNDiN iN A mTH, i HoPE & uPdAtES aFTeR NoV 18..

Examinations coming in a week's time and as usual the gang is still procrastinating about studying. It's the usual everything to the last minute thing and plus I still have my thesis to finish up and there's a whole load more on it... So I'm guess this space is gonna be kinda outdated for abit. I have heaps of things to update since the last post, but just don't have the time to edit the photos, load them up and write the post. Will do so soon right after November 18th or when I hand in my thesis, whichever is earlier. But the tagboard will still be checked every few days, so feel free to stay in touch there. :) Anyway, stay tune for the next update with the following events:
~ Being an ebay seller is quite a good thing!
~ MUGSU Photography Club Photo Competition
~ Evon's visit back Gippy and for her graduation
~ Dinner at Helen's with visitors: cute little Thomas & Charlize
~ A trip above the skies in Alan's private Jet Plane
Till then, Good Luck for the exams everyone and see ya around!