Friday, October 21, 2005

mEL sHoUtZ, "I wAnNa UpDaTE mY bLoG!" aND iNsiGhTs tO mORE uPdATEs!

I wanna update my blog!! Yess yes... I miss updating my blog.. So much more updates to go, so many more things to bitch about, and more importantly, things to rejoice about... There's Len'S biRtHdAY, another trip dOwN mELbOuRNE for the DIMIA Skills Fair which we didn't turn up eventually cause shopping at Know City was more important, then there's another GoWn DaY I attended today in which I was supposed to wear the gown only for awhile just to take a couple of photos with my friends. But in the end, I still landed up going round with them and taking heaps of hilarious shots.. I was really "pan-tang"(superstitious) at first about wearin the gown twice, but after speaking to my mum and the encouragement from darling, I just thought, "Aww, it's all good!"..


Joe Powel said...

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