Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Insane Shoppaholic Site, Busy x3 and don't forget Cosmic Reviews

Busy busy busy, it's crazy how I cramp my workload and personal work these couple of weeks. My company's got a Caravan show coming up in Caulfield tomorrow and lotsa preparations need to be done. I'll be there to help out for 2 days out of the 1 week, so I haven't got time to update about Kal's and My birthday photos of fun and more food. I shall do so on friday.

Anyway I have started a new blog just to cater for my shopping. It's crazy I know, that's why the website is called "Insane Shoppaholic". You can visit the site from the logo below. I promise to upload more shopping when the free time comes along. *Yes I have more! ;)
Insane Shoppaholic - Logo

Meantime, don't forget to keep supporting the Cosmic Reviews site as well. More reviews up and more free items still to be given away. Fashioin, Footwear, Movies and more, you name it and they'll do the review for you. Check it out now!

Cosmic Reviews~ Ultimate One Stop Review Site

And I really gotta shuffle now, need to move things onto my colleage's car and settle some other last minute stuff before the show starts tomorrow. Till then, stay happy, study smart and work hard everyone! :)