Friday, March 02, 2007

Cuts, Bruises and Sores & Dinner @ Helen and Michael's last Sunday

I feel so sore today and I mean literally sore. :( This is because the smart ass me went to play basketball yesterday with some rough experts, against the advice of Tubbs and Eileen. And I landed up sprawled on the floor with cuts and bruises on my right elbow, legs and a very sore right hip and left thumb after this egoistic China guy who goes by the name of Lambchops and Iceberg (minus the latter and former respectively) decided to slam me down to the floor when I tried to get the ball from him. And the worse part was he didn't even say sorry! I swear I wanted to kill him there and then :x, but I put on my nicest front and smiled as I walked back towards the side replying Tubbs, "Yeah I'm okay, I'm okay", trying to hold back the tears and ignore the immerse pain.

In consolation, at least Eileen, Zoon, Farah kept asking me if I was alright and a few of the others as well. They are all new students, Zoon is from Malaysia doing biotech and Farah is (I think) Malaysian who's a diplomat's daughter. Zoon was particular caring; he was rushing to his house to get tissue for me as I followed him to wash my wounds and he kept saying sorry even though it was not his fault. It made me feel like punching the china guy even more! :x Anyway, I should stop whingeing and get on to happier things. Here's the photos from our outing last Sunday. We sort of had a little farewell party for mummy.

Dinner at Helen's and Michael's

Left to right: The "kids" playing on the trampoline; At the Dinner Table; Glorious Main courses and Desserts; Playing an Ancient Scandinavian game called Kupp - which is a cross between cricket, bocce ball, and jarts. It involves throwing blocks of wood at other blocks of wood in the attempt to knock them over. And I had to admit I was a blardy sore loser that day or maybe blame it on the hormones, I was displaying a bad front cursing and hitting Tubbs cause he was just so damn good in it. But oh well, everyone has a shitty attitude day. ;)

Group Photo - Dinner @ Helen's

That's all for now, I'ma looking forward to try Eileen and Dominic's cooking tonight(with help from mum) and to enjoy my trip to Bendigo with Tubbs, Mum and Ying over the weekend. So I'll update photos and events on the trip next week. :D Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping tubby's foot gets well soon for the trip.