Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dinner Gathering @ Lyells', shoppaholic at it again, wishes for end of semester.

Finally the updates from Dinner at Lyell's and Nancy's 2 Sundays(20 May) ago. I know chaboh loo's gonna "kill" me when she sees this cause she's gonna get "oh-so-jealous" about the food. Yup, there were 15 of us in total, heaps of delicious food to go with rice or bread, and awesome desserts for the sweet-toothed. After dinner, we went on to the hilarious game of taboo, where all the shouting and excitement didn't even cause the sleeping Dom to twitch one bit... :D
Potluck Dinner at Lyell's - The People who attended
Potluck Dinner at Lyell's - The Glorious Food

Then just last Saturday was the long-awaited City shopping trip. I've gotta say I've been deprived of the city for almost 2 months already. And when that happens, it just doesn't bod well because I spent a freaking few hundred plus in total! Ah well, twas to make up for all the "lost" time, or maybe it's just self consolation for the burn in my pocket. :P But anyway, here's the shopping! For a precise item description, please check out my Shoppaholic Blog.
Me with my Shopping Bags from shopping in Melbourne and the stuff I have bought

Last week was also the last week of badminton. It was good meeting some new friends over the past couple of weeks of playing. And so, someone came up with the idea of "round-the-court" badminton on the last 2 days. You line up and each person hits the shuttlecock once and run to the queue and the next person has to hit to the next person on the other side of the court and so forth. Whoever misses needs to run around the whole of Binishell. We had a pretty fun time! :)
Round-the-Court Badminton

So it's end of the semester again. Darn, time sure passes really fast. It seemed like just yesterday Mum came back to Gippy with me, and then I met Eileen and Dom and got to know Ying, Ammie and their Dalpura 4 housemates better, started playing tennis with Kal, and got to know 2 cute guys (Don't worry, just lookin!) Ah Hao and Wangwei. All this happened in a time span of 6 months that have just gone by in a flash! Well I'm glad for meeting the new friends to keep me sane (while I miss my chabohs & pooh gang), thanks! Meantime, best of luck for those who have exams coming along! ;)


looloo said...

Mel u r TOO MUCH!! TOO MUCH!!! The desserts look to tempting! Btw, ur shopping spree is getting up to another level d, bravo!

designer said...

Kekeke, sorry la chaboh, promise when u come back end year, we cook up a feast again okie!

;P Shopping another level I know, but I sell unwanted ones on ebay mah, otherwise no place to hang already.. :\

Juz MeL said...

Btw, the above comment's by me, they automatically signed me in with my other account..