Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A competition that wasn't "me" and missing those that matter a whole heap

I lost every single match in Badminton last night. Yes, every single Mix Doubles or Womens Doubles match. Could it be because this is the first time I've been in a badminton competition or this is the 2nd time in five years I've played badminton again or maybe because I've been the biatch for choosing someone else to pair with instead of tubbs? Whatever it is, the feeling is numb and there is no such sore or whatsoever. In fact I'm glad at least tubbs will get a medal home, like he always does. And perhaps, I'm more of a tennis person, at least I win more games at tennis. Yes, that's right and we shall stop at that.

So it's the ISA Culture Night again tonight. Every year, it gets a little less meaningful, probably because the people that matter alot to me aren't around. I remember we used to be so excited about it days before, thinking of what to wear, getting ready hours before hand and stuff. Of course this year, there would still be an effort to look nice, because there are new friends around that care and I shouldn't have a callous attitude, otherwise it'll be unfair to them. But the feeling's just different. It just is, you know what I mean.
~ I miss my chabohs, my fun-loving and wild shoppaholic chabohs
~ I miss us going on a retail therapy trip down melbourne
~ I miss us going out for our Yum Cha sessions
~ I miss the crazy parties, clubbing and drinking till we're pissed sessions
~ I miss cooking meals, having dinner and chatting together

~ I miss Miko cooking "Mee hun kuey" for us and asking us go round to eat
~ I miss my pooh gang, going out for dinners at traralgon and the potluck
~ I miss the shopping at Chadstone and the short trips we took together
~ I miss going to church on Sundays with Tigger and to Midvalley after that
~ I just miss every single thing we did together as a gang or just a couple of us.

Oh how I "hate" Gippsland sometimes. It brings people together in the beginning yet tears them apart later. Maybe not mentally, but physically is bad enough.